Panun Kashmir observe Homeland Day with 'Homeland Demand'

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New Delhi, Dec 29 (UNI) Panun Kashmir today commemorated the Homeland Day of Kashmiri Hindus with 'Homeland Demand', a concerted effort to ''reverse the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus permanently''.

''Homeland Demand is a broader vision to defeat all those forces who seek the breakup of Northern Frontiers of India. It is response to Dixon's proposals and its variants. Homeland Demand is the concerted effort to reverse the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus permanently,'' the organisation said.

Speaking at the day-long convention, Panun Kashmir Chairman Ajay Chrungoo said ''At a juncture when global awareness about Islamic Jihadhas reached a level where a definite international resistance is evolving to the menace of Islamists terrorism, subversive forces from within the government and outside are working relentlessly to chart out a compromise on Jammu and Kashmir.'' He lamented the fact that Hindus in Kashmir had to face exodus seven times in 100 years and demanded a 8,600 sq km homeland in the north and east of river Jhelum with a union territory status.

It is a shame that territorial and political concessions to both China and Pakistan are being brazenly flaunted as components of peace process, he claimed, adding ''The Centre, through its acts of ommission and commission, has shown a tendency to facilitate such subversive tendencies.'' ''We are perhaps witnessing a creeping process unfolding a second parttion plan of India. We have to defeat all attempts to break India,'' Dr Chrungoo said and exhorted Panun Kashmi and Kashmiri Hindus to play a leading role to educate the nationlist forces in the country and integrate their struggle with all efforts aimed at making India strong.

Mr Namit Verma, expert in Strategic and Economic Affairs said the problem of the Kashmiri Hindus should be considered as problem of minorities and accused the Centre of failing to highlight their problem at global platforms. He had earlier written to AICC president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and warned of an imminent financial crisis in India as the government is alleged to have been helping the US overcome its own crisis.

Prominent among others present on the occasion was film and television actor Kiran Kumar.


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