Halla Bol to inspire people to raise voice against injustice

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Mumbai, Dec 26 (UNI) Noted filmmaker Rajkumar Santoshi says that his upcoming film ''Halla Bol'' attempts to make people aware and react to developments happening around them.

Santoshi said, ''The biggest weapon in a democracy is the power to raise your voice against injustice and bring a change.

You may not neccessarily be directly affected, but some time it could be your turn.'' ''My film aims to bring this fact to the attention of the audience. Today, I feel we are so disjointed and isolated from each other in country. People in one part of the naation do not seem to be bothered about what's happening in the other corner'', Santoshi told UNI in an interview.

''Halla Bol'' starring Ajay Devgan as a protagonist is about a filmstar who has to chose between his fame and conscience when faced a truth. When asked why he chose Devgan to play the lead, Santoshi said Ajay's personality and look gels with his character of a common man who stuggles to make it big in life. His transition looks convincing and real.

The filmmaker said the film was not far from what was happening around the country and made it clear that ''Halla Bol'' was not an inspired story. The incidents depicted are reflections and close to recent developments which have caught the nationwide attention.The film has a dramatic story structure and handles an important issue about people in today's time who are not concerned about others.

''I have ensured that the film is not preachy. Films are for entertainment. Theatre is not a classroom and I am not a social reformer. I believe in engrossing, entertaining films which holds the people's attention'', he said.

He expressed happiness at the manner in which Chennai-based exhibitors and distributors Pyramid Saimira who have purchased the rights of the film have promoted it. As a writer-director, Santoshi said he always felt that his films have not been promoted well. ''It is the job of the production house to market the film effectively and hype it. Marketing is extremely important these days because of which mediocre films are seen to be doing well at the box office,'' he felt.

Santoshi said his last film ''Khakee'' was a victim of bad marketing. The film had a magnificent cast line up who came up with fine performances.

''Amitabh Bachchan for the first time perhaps played a realistic character portraying the dillema and trauma of a cop on the verge of retirement. His performance was controlled and not overboard. While the film turned out to be the turning point in Akshay Kumar's career. His character had a varied graph.

He was humourous, corrupt cop and a matured policeman who faces death in a dignified manner. Even no leading lady has been shown in a menancingly grey character like that of Aishwarya Rai in the film,'' he recalled fondly.

Santoshi said he would like to work with Aishwarya in future.

''I am waiting for a right subject. She is a fine actor and a human being. We share mutual respect for each other. I would like to bring out the new side of Ash in the film. I am grateful to her for doing 'Khakee'. She trusted me completely,'' he said.

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