Advancement in tech gives rise to new type of terrorism: Dasgupta

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Panaji, Nov 30 (UNI) The advancement in technology and the flood of spycams in our lives have given rise to a new type of terrorism where our lives are under constant surveillance by the state, which goes unpunished.

This was the messsage, which celebrated filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta has tried to pass through his Bengali film 'Ami, Iyasin Ar Amar Madhubala' which has been screened in India Panorama section of the 38th International Film Festival of India(IFFI) here.

Talking about his film, he said the world had become obsessed with security, but the fact is all the security gadgets and bandobast do not make citizens any less vulnerable to terrorism.

''what is to be done when one finds one's security threatened by those who are supposed to gaurd it?'' is the question he has posed in his film.

''Voyeurism is a new type of invasion in our lives and needs to be checked. My film focusses on this issue. While, at the individual level voyeurism is dealt with severely, conflict between the State sponsored invasion on one's privacy and personal rights needs to be addressed,'' he says.

His film screened in IFFI, shows how a young man in love could not imagine that his innocence would turn to a guilt and lead to police chasing him and his friend. Nor could his friend ever envisage that his religion could become a death warrant. Neither could one understand how a pecaadillo, involving a girl next door could become equal to a crime of passion.

On his documentary on celebrated music composer Naushad, 'Naushad Ali - The Melody Continues', which is also being screened in IFF, Mr Dasgupta said, ''Naushad was a legend in Bollywood.'' Though commercial films were not Mr Dasgupta's preferred choice, he ventured into making a documentary on his life as his compositions touched the core of human soul, he said.

Buddhadeb Dasgupta is an Economy Professor by training, but he holds an enviable position as one of the country's most accomplished directors.

Some of his prominent films are Dooratwa (distance, 1978), Phera (the return, 1986), Tahader katha (their Story, 1992) Swapner Din (chased by dreams, 2004) and Kaalpurush (Memories in the Mist).


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