Marriage not a hindrance to my acting pursuit: Madhuri Dixit

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New Delhi, Nov 28 (UNI) Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit, who scorched celluloid with her sheer elegance and histrionics till her marriage to an Indian doctor in the US five years ago, is on a comebak trail, ready to sizzle the screen once again.

''I never thought that marriage ends anyone's career. I got married, I never thought I was going to leave films or I am going to give up anything. I got married and had kids and so I had to take that break.

''And when I found a good script and the time to do it, then I said yes, went ahead and I did it. But I don't think marriage should end anybody's career,'' she told NDTV in an interview.

The 42-year-old actress is to renew her liaison with Bollywood by starring in 'Aa Ja Nach Le', featuring Kunal Kapoor in the lead.

During the interview, given to Mr Pranab Roy, a glowing Madhuri Dixit speaks about her life in America, her kids, her take on Bollywood and her favourite actors.

The interview is to be telecast tomorrow at 2200 hrs and repeat telecast on December 2 at 1000 hrs.

Looking fit, young and vibrant, Madhuri said she was all praise for the Khan trio -- Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman -- the reigning superstars, with whom she paired while she was the indubitable empress of Bollywood.

''Shah Rukh Khan is full of energy and he is someone you can talk to on any topic in the world as he has a lot to say and he knows about a lot of stuff. He is not just a one-sided kind of personality, he is very rounded. He knows about everything; from computers to anything you have. He is very intelligent and has a lot of ideas, and I like the way he comes up with all these ideas and that he is never sitting still.'' About Aamir Khan, she said she had done just two films with him and enjoyed working with the actor.

''He is a very good actor and is always energetic. Aamir is slightly different from others; he takes his time and wants to make everything sure. He is very methodic and likes to do things in his own way. So that makes him very different.'' She was also full of praises for Salman Khan.

''I have worked with Salman and he is also a good actor. You never know with him, when he is on the sets, whether he is paying attention to what you are doing, but he just carries the roles so well. When it comes to the work, he knows what he is doing.'' Asked whether she wanted to act in Hollywood, she said: ''Not really, not yet. Though, I was asked for a few projects. There was a serial called 'West Wing' and they had something in there. But I could not do it, because I was pregnant with my second son at that time and so I said, sorry.'' Dixit has made a much-awaited comeback to Bollywood after a five year hiatus.

Asked about kissing on screen, she quipped: ''No, No, No. And that's a personal choice. I don't know, if it's an Indian thing or not. I won't be comfortable you know. No, I don't have anything against it. It's ok, you know. But not'' About her family and life in America, the actress said it was just wonderful. ''Everybody has dreams about what they are going to do and their ambitions and so on. For me, because we come from a big family, where we are four siblings and grew up together, family has been very important to me. Family was a big part of my dream that I dreamt for myself. Having my own family, having kids, and stuff like that.'' She said she was living in a place where the mountains were just 90 minutes away. ''We go to the mountains and get my son to ski. My husband skies very well. So, this winter, I am thinking that I am going to learn skiing.'' To a query whether she would allow her sons to become actors, she said she would not mind.

''I wouldn't mind if my kids want to be actors, they can be actors; if they want to be doctors, they can be doctors and even if they want to do a 9 to 5 job and say I am happy doing this.'' She said her husband is ''very relaxed and very chilled out''.

''He loves sport and the outdoors and there is lot of mountain biking that we do together and we go snorkeling and we do all that kind of stuff. We don't get to party a lot because he is on call every other day, but we still have fun with our kids when we go out.'' UNI

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