Mulayam fears new law would be used against his party

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Meerut, UP, Nov 01 (UNI) Former Uttar Pradesh chief minister and Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav today expressed apprehension that the Mayawati government would use the newly introduced UP Organised Crime Control Act (UPCOCA) against his partymen.

Throwing a challenge before the Mayawati government , Mr Yadav said ''I would ask the government to book me under the same law if anyone of my party man was jailed.'' If any cadre of the party was booked under the new law, he would personally ensure his bail, the former UP Chief Minister said.

Mr Yadav maintained, the new law would be useless till the 22 ministers in the BSP government with criminal backgrounds were put behind bars. ''The law should be first used against 22 ministers who have over 20 cases each against them'' he added. Mr Yadav also reminded the audience that one of the ministers, Anandsen Yadav was in jail on the day of oath taking.

SP President said, had the UPCOCA been introduced earlier, SP student leaders, who were protesting ban on students' union elections in the state would have been booked under it.

Charging the Mayawati government with abetting corruption, he alleged ministers were ''auctioning'' departments for heavy sum . ''Officers who give the money get good departments, while the others are dumped ,'' he added. Mr Yadav claimed just before the BSP's rally on October 9 last, officials were asked to cough up as much as Rs 50 crore.

Continuing his tirade against the BSP president, Mr Yadav claimed officials posted at the CM's office (popularly known as fifth floor or pancham tal of annexe building) have brainwashed her into believing that she could be targeted by a human bomb. ''Why would anyone target her .People who commit atrocities are often scared of their actions themselves. Adolf Hitler had committed atrocities on people and he himself lived a worried life fearing attack,'' he opined.

Playing to the gallery, the SP chief said if former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was unable to wipe out socialists, then Ms Mayawati could also do nothing in this regard. ''uski aukat kya hai(what is her stature?)'', he said .

Mr Yadav said, while on one hand farmers were dying of starvation, her government was spending money to the tune of Rs 700 crore to beautify memorials created in the memory of late BSP founder Kanshiram and Dr B R Ambedar. ''I respect both the personalities.

But the interest of the common man is above all this,'' he clarified.

Commenting on the alleged police recruitment scam, Mr Yadav alleged the DGP was forcing sacked constables to sign affidavits claiming money had exchanged hands during the recruitment process.

He also lashed out at the UPA government for surrendering India's strategic interests to the United States in the name of the nuclear agreement. ''Even if the agreement is implemented, it would take over 20 years to generate nuclear energy. The power can be sourced from thermal and hydro means much early and easily.'' He said the share market was booming following heavy inflow of foreign funds.

''Once they withdraw money, the middle class investor will suffer.

It had happened in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is more like a gamble than anything else.'' The SP supremo also took the opportunity to slam his party leaders for factionalism, which led to the defeat of the party in the just held assembly elections. ''But the elections have given us the opportunity to look back at our mistakes.Prepare for LS elections as it is the SP which can only save the nation.'' UNI

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