Let BJP worry about its opposition space: Left

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New Delhi, Oct 10 (UNI) The Left parties today scoffed at the BJP's remark on" inherently unstable" alliance of the UPA and the Left and asserted that the saffron party is worried about its loss of space as an opposition party.

The CPM, CPI and Forward Bloc asked the BJP to explain to the nation why it somersaulted its stand on the Indo-US nuclear deal, initially opposing the nuclear Pact and now talking about keeping the rights for atomic explosions.

The Left parties' strong rebuttal came a day after BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said it was evident now that an alliance of mutually hostile and antagonistic elements like the Congress and the Left, based solely on their common hatred for the BJP was "inherently unstable." CPI leaders A B Bardhan and Shamim Faizi observed that it is amusing that the BJP, while witnessing bitter relations with the allies during its six-year rule in two instalments, had now started talking about inner contradictions between the Congress and the supporting parties.

"The very decision of the Left to support the UPA from outside was confirmation of the fact that the two formations- the UPA and the Left- have different perceptions on economic, foreign and socio- political issues," said Mr Bardhan, the veteran Communist and freedom fighter.

CPI(M) senior leader and party Deputy leader in the Lok Sabha Mohammad Salim remarked that the saffron party itself had contracted its space of opposition and it was nowhere beyond the well of the House opposing the devastating effect of the UPA government policies, be it agricultural crisis, galloping price rise, economic disparity or even the foreign policy.

Forward Bloc national Secretary G Devrajan wanted the BJP to make it clear whether it is for or against the Nuclear Pact." On the other hand the Left parties have always kept their watchful eye on the government decisions and even forced the government to put on hold its decision to privatise the BHEL, disinvestment of PSUs, privatise the Pension Fund among other things." The Left could never agree to compromise on class interests as they have their own constituency, said Mr Faizi, CPI national Secretary." This has been demonstrated by the Left parties' constant struggles against the anti-poor and anti-people economic policies of the UPA government." Mr Faizi, Editor of Party Weekly New Age, argued that this is why the BJP had now found contradictions between the two sides." The problem with the BJP is that the Left achievements by way of its struggles has deprived it of the role of opposition. That space has now been usurped by the Left parties." The CPI leaders said otherwise also the BJP had not much to differ on economic polcies with the government and that was the reason it disrupted the proceedings of both the Houses of Parliament whenever a serious economic issue was taken up for a debate.

Mr Salim, on the other hand, observed that the " sinister silence" on the part of the saffron party on the Nuclear deal gave rise to the suspicion whether some understanding had been reached between it and the the pushers of the deal.

The CPI(M) leader said the safforn party is only in search of some emotive isssue to rake up the" bhavna"( emotion) of a certain section of the society for political gains.

"On the other hand the Left has been raising its voice of opposition in and outside Parliament and been taking up the issues with the Congress leadership and they never budged from their stated position. But the BJP is not interested in playing its role as an opposition party." Mr Devrajan said the saffron party's role is limited to" fish in the troubled waters. They are nowhere in the picture on the national political scene." On the other hand the Left have raised its opposition against the government policy while dealing with crisis in Iran and Iraq.

"And now the Left have impressed upon the government to play its due role for restoration of democracy in Myanmar," added Mr Devrajan.


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