Secret of good health is being close to nature: experts

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New Delhi, Sep 23 (UNI) A consensus is emerging among scientists, medical practitioners and exponents of yoga that the secret of good health is following the principles of spirituality or nature, as some would call it.

They are of the view that the essence of disease is low supply of oxygen to various cells of the body and other micro-organisms.

There is also a growing convergence of opinion that by following proper breathing techniques like 'pranayam', it was possible to get rid of disease.

This was the message on the horizon at a session earlier this week at ASSOCHAM's fifth Global Knowledge Milennium Summit here.

The event was addressed by Swami Ramdev, popularly known as 'Yog Rishi'; Dr Peter Grutter, Professor of Physics, McGill University, Canada; Dr B K Rao, President of Gangaram Hospital, Delhi and Chairman of ASSOCHAM Expert Committee on Health; Dr H K Chopra, Chief Cardiologist, Moolchand Hospital; and Mr K L Chugh, former Head of ITC and Chairman of the Summit.

The speakers were of the view that it was possible to get rid of even dreaded diseases like cancer, tumor and diabetes by following proper yogic techniques.

''Oxygen acts like medication, reviving the dead cells,'' Swami Ramdev said.

Dr Chopra said on the basis of his conviction and experience of more than three decades as a cardiologist, he was able to say that the only way to keep a heart young and healthy is by pursuing a lifestyle as close to nature as possible.

In this regard, he quoted a leading American cardiologist who had stated that all those who get a heart attack before the age of 80 are the ones who have not lived a yogic life.

''Laws of science are laws of spirituality, laws of spirituality are laws of nature, laws of nature are laws of health, and laws of health are laws of wealth, and all of them are interwoven in a unified field,'' Dr Chopra said.

Swami Randev said the gensis of life is 'pran' or soul or what is sometimes called the life force. All that a person gathers in his mind as well as his emotions, feelings and even thoughts cease to exist once 'pran' leaves the body.

The Swami was of the vew that life was much more than just material existence and a large component of it comprised the non-material elements, such as perceptions, anger and love. The world, however, often restricts itself to measuring success or failure by just the material component. This was inadequate and superficial, he said.

The Swami said it was equally important to nourish the 'pran' as much as the body.

The yoga guru said the ultimate truths of life and universe have been enunciated in the 'Vedas.' Swami Ramdev said it would be possible to effect substantial savings of the health budget if more and more people take to the ancient practice. The savings could then be spent on other sectors, enhancing the quantum of the GDP and hence its growth rate.

The Swami cited statistics to substantiate that an increasing number of young people were taking recourse to the practise of 'yoga.' The tribe of those who belived in its efficacy was literally growing by the day, he said.

He also quoted a report of Johns Hopkins Hospital, which says that cancerous cells cannot survive in an oxygenated atmosphere.

''Through proper breathing techniques, a person inhales greater amount of oxygen, which can enable him to keep at bay several lethal diseases.'' While Mr Chugh felt that science and spirituality were converging, Prof Gurtter said the two were different domains and never the twain shall meet. Physics, for example, relies on evidence to prove a point, while spirituality is basically experience and belief.

He, however, said science may not ever get to know what the ultimate truths of the universe are, but it will only accept a principle as correct only if it can be proven empirically. All else is false.

The speakers said the future of humanity rested on nanotechnology, biotechnology, spirituality and 'yoga.' These are the parameters which will drive future generations.

In sum and summary, the speakers agreed that there was synergy between ''mind, body, heart and soul'' and proper nourishment of the one would lead to enrichment of others.

On the occasion, Swami Ramdev was honoured by the ASSOCHAM Committee with the 'Knowledge Millenium Award.' UNI

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