Farmer suicide: Whose suicide note did Kumar Vishwas read out?

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New Delhi, April 25: The suicide note or the alleged note of Gajendra Singh will be extremely crucial for the investigations. This would help ascertain largely whether it was a case of suicide or something that went horribly wrong.

The Delhi Police probing the case say that prima facie what they have been given to understand from the family members is that the handwriting was not that of Gajendra Singh's. The police have collected samples of his earlier handwriting and sent it for forensic analysis.

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Whose suicide note did Vishwas read out?

Whose note did Kumar Vishwas read out?

AAP leader Kumar Vishwas the one who read out the suicide note. When he read it out he said Gajendra Singh had written, " I do not have food to eat and hence I am committing suicide. He has also given his mobile number, " Vishwas also said while reading out the note.

However the note written by Gajendra Singh does not mention the mobile number. Moreover it is quite surprising that in a case of suicide, material such as the suicide note is a crucial part of the evidence is not meant to be touched by anyone barring the police. Legally it amounts to tampering with evidence.

The two questions that the Delhi Police would ask of Vishwas is why he took the note into his hand and secondly where exactly was he quoting from when he read out the alleged suicide note.

Was it Gajendra Singh's handwriting?

The suicide note and its handwriting is what will help the police determine whether it was an act or a genuine incident. The note has been sent for forensic examination and the results would be out in a day or two.

However when speaking to the family members of Gajendra Singh, the police were clearly told that the handwriting was that of Gajendra Singh's. The police say that if the version of the family is correct, then it is clear that someone else has written it for him and he was asked to stage this incident.

Was Gajendra Singh supposed to speak at the rally?

The other question that the Delhi Police has is whether this entire incident was stage managed. Was he meant to go up the tree and threaten suicide and members of the AAP meant to pull him down. After pulling him down, was he supposed to speak about the plight of the farmers in a bid to give the rally the desired special effects against the Land Bill?

The family members are clear that it was the AAP which provoked him into doing this. Moreover they have also maintained that Singh was not the kind who would commit suicide.

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