CBI well equipped, can crack your Apple device now

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Planning to commit a crime using your Apple iPhone in India? You may not be able to get away as the Central Bureau of Investigation today is well equipped to crack it.

The new specialized forensic lab which was opened up yesterday will now help the CBI crack and decipher data from all Apple devices including the iPad and the iPhone.

CBI can crack your Apple device now

Digital information being transmitted on an Apple device was quite a headache for the CBI or any other investigating agency to crack. The material on an Apple device was normally sent out of the country for analysis but now it can be done in India, thanks to this new lab.

Emphasis on Apple

Central Bureau of Investigation officers have had it tough when they had to crack information on an Apple device. However this new forensic lab which has been set up in the CBI academy at Ghaziabad is equipped with state of the art software and equipment and crack an Apple device with ease.

Earlier the CBI was equipped to crack Windows based systems. However with the Apple market growing in India the usage of these devices have become extremely high. The CBI has seized over 10,000 Apple devices from various criminals in the past couple of years, but has found it difficult to crack.

All information present on Apple devices had to be sent abroad in order to decipher the same and this normally took several months to crack. In addition to Apple the new lab will also be able to crack and decipher Linux based systems.

What this lab can do?

The new lab can crack the information on Apple iPads, iPhones, Mac books, iPods and also the iMac. The lab has state of art forensic tools for imaging, password recovery and forensic analysis. Cloning the device to extract information is also a possibility at this new lab.

The CBI says that training is being imparted in cracking these devices. We are also giving emphasis to Linux based systems as well.

The Director of the CBI, Anil Sinha informed that the agency is expected to specialize in all fields. We need to specialize in economic offences, anti corruption cases, high tech and cyber crimes which have international ramifications as well.

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