Now Assange accuses Manmohan Singh of 'misleading public'

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Julian Assange- Wikileaks
New Delhi, Mar 22: After drawing flak from various quarters over his inability to rein in the various scams and controversies that emerged during his tenure as Prime Minister in the present UPA government, the latest one comes from the whistle blower himself, Julian Assange.

When the cash-for-vote scam is rocking the boat of the UPA, Assange slammed Manmohan Singh for saying that the leaked diplomatic cables were not authentic. The cables had alleged that MP's were paid an exorbitant amount of money as pay-off for for votes during the Indo-US nuclear deal trust vote presented in Parliament in 2008.

Assange expressed his angst and was quoted in an interview to a TV channel, "The comments I have been hearing from Prime Minister Singh these, to me, seem to be a deliberate attempt to mislead the public by suggesting that governments around the world do not accept the material."

The recent cables had blown the lid off the UPA when an aide of Congress leader Satish Sharma had apparently showed an US officials two huge chests of cash that were to be used to buy the MPs in order to pass the trust vote.

Assange also said on the scam that is snowballing into huge proportions that there is no doubt that that the cables are authentic and that is the one reason that the US seemed worried over the expose. The PM had responded on the wiki-bomb in Parliament saying, "I cannot confirm the veracity, contents or even the existence of such communications."

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