Sadanandan Master, victim of CPM violence in Kerala, says he won't give up

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I had not given up then and have no plans of giving now, says Sadanandan who has prostheses for both his legs after he was attacked by a group of CPM workers in Kerala in 1994. Anyone visiting the Koothuparamba constituency in Kannur will witness the 52 year old Sadanandan Master campaigning and contesting for the BJP.

Kannur district in particular has witnessed a lot of political violence. There is a tussle between the BJP and the CPM with both trying to hold ground. Sadanandan or master as he is fondly called is one such victim. I hailed from a family of Communists, but then I decided to join the RSS. This may have enraged those cadres who attacked me he says.

Sadanandan Master

The face of the violence:

Sadanandan is clearly a victim of political violence. The BJP has been making an issue out of the CPM related violence in the Kerala Assembly elections. The campaign is not easy by any standards says Sadanandan. I cover as much area as possible and when my legs hurt, I take a break, he says.

The idea is not to give up and these violent killings by the CPM have to be exposed regularly and told the people. These areas have witnessed killings for several years and this is a major issue. The people are fed up with it, Sadanandan also says.

Recalling the horror:

Sadanandan recalls that horrific night and says he will never forget it. My father and brother were with the CPM. I however decided to join the RSS. This had angered the CPM no end. On February 6 1994 I was walking towards my home in Perunchery at around 8.30.

A bomb was hurled and then a gang of persons approached me and caught hold of me. They chopped off both my legs below the knee and fled. I was rushed to the hospital. I faced this from the CPM because I had joined the RSS. There was absolutely no provocation from my end.

I stayed at hospital following which I returned to the school in which I teach. I was then rehabilitated by the BJP he says. I was told to highlight the violence by the CPM and that is one of the many things I do during my campaign. We are gaining ground and are confident of a good showing, Sadanandan also says.

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