Yogendra Yadav: There is difference between a Leader and a Supremo

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Yadav calls Kejriwal a 'Supremo'
New Delhi, June 7: A day after AAP leader Manish Sisodia's letter to Yogendra Yadav showed the deep cracks within the party, Yogendra Yadav wrote to the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) saying that there were problems in the party with respect to its decision making process.

In his letter to the PAC, Yadav indirectly call Arvind Kejriwal a 'Supremo.' He wrote: "There is no one who doubts that Arvind bhai is the undisputed leader within the party. He has richly earned this stature and we would not be where we are without his leadership.

But there is a difference between a Leader and a Supremo."

Yadav: Party falling prey to 'personality cult'

"Love and affection for a leader often turns into a personality cult that can damage an organisation and the leader himself. This is exactly what is happening to our party. Major decisions of the party appear to and indeed do reflect the wishes of one person," he wrote.

Meanwhile the Congress and the BJP mocked at AAP saying that 'instead of fighting for the people, AAP leaders are busy bickering among themselves.

AAP leaders met in New Delhi on Saturday at the National Executive meet hoping to resolve their internal matters and also to convince Shazia Ilmi to withdraw her resignation. 

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