Binny: AAP, Congress are hand in gloves with each other

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Binny hits out at AAP, Kejriwal
New Delhi, Jan 16: After hitting out and voicing out his dissent against the AAP, MLA Vinod Kumar Binny on Thursday called a press conference and addressed some core issues that the AAP had failed to address.

Threatening to expose the truth behind AAP, Binny said: "AAP was not formed to make someone chief minister or MLA, it was formed to help the people."

"There is a difference between the promises made by the AAP government and what has been carried out. AAP is misleading people of many issues. The party does not practise what it preaches," he said.

Pointing out at the water crisis that the people of Delhi were facing, Binny said that AAP had slyly put conditions after promising free water to the people of Delhi. "All the promises made by AAP on regarding water, waiving bills all have been forgotten," he said.

Binny: I did not want to contest the elections, Kejriwal forced me

He said that the AAP manifesto had duped the people.

Speaking about the Jan Lokpal Bill, Binny said that 'it has been 19 days since the government was formed and nothing has been done about the Jan Lokpal Bill.'

"I recommend a referendum ask the people if they feel the AAP has fulfilled its promises," he said.

Binny, who was prepared to reveal all about the AAP, came out with his guns blazing against AAP and Kejriwal and said that he did not want to contest the elections but Kejriwal forced him. Speaking about the VIP culture, he said: "All AAP leaders have red beacons and follow the VIP culture unlike what they had promised."

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