Nirbhaya stirred up Delhi police too

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Gang rape
New Delhi, Sept 10: It was not just the parents of the victim or the nation that spent restless nights after the December 16 gangrape case; the Delhi police too was on their toes. Some of the officers even got involved personally with the case, ensuring that no stones are left unturned to nab and book the victims.

"There was a lot of pressure from all quarters of the nation. The people were angry, protesting out there on the streets and the top level beaureaucracy stepped on the gas for speedy justice," said one of the top officials.

Dharmendra Kumar, who was incharge of the DElhi police team investigating the rape, recounts in an interview with IBNLive how he and his team worked relentlessly for the case.

"We didn't sleep through the night for the first two days after the rape case was reported. The moment the investigation began we were on the job," he tells the channel. We had a very early breakthrough. We checked all the CCTV cameras on all the possible routes the bus could have taken at the guesthouses. The team was working relentlessly," he said.

A lesson to be learnt

KUmar believes that the police should learn from such incidences and strenghthen the process of filing such a case. In fact, Nirbhaya's case was an eye-opener for them.

He reveals how earlier women were dissuaded from filing a report and even if they did, how their language were toned down. "So we held a meeting where all the police was told that if somebody comes with a complaint, you must record it," said Kumar. He further instructed his team mates not to tone down the gravity of the crime. The women's cell was also made a 24-hours unit, he said.

On the protests

Deeming them necessary, Kumar said that the anger was piling up for sometime and this was the outburst. In fact, he claims that the DElhi POlice had administered much restraint while using teargas or lathicharges, only when they were required.

"All 5,000 people wanted to go inside Rashtrapati Bhawan. There were rowdy elements assaulting police, setting wooden batons on fire...we had to teargas them," he said.

Personal View

"Even I have a daughter and I was scared for her," he said and added that he was horrified by the brutality of the incident and kept wondering for nights how one human can inflict such injuries to another woman.

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