Naxal hostage issue: 1 killed, rest let off with warning

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New Delhi, May 10: The incident at Chhattisgarh yesterday in which naxals had held up several villagers only to release all of them later has been termed as a sign of desperation.

The naxals in a cowardly act killed one of the villagers, Sadaram and released the rest late last night with a warning that none of them should support developmental work.


The naxals in fact held a Kangaroo court and declared Sadaram guilty of supporting developmental work. After finding him guilty they shot him dead and warned the rest of the villagers that they too would meet with the same fate if they continued to support developmental work.

The Kangaroo court:

Police sources in Chhattisgarh said that the entire issue was about the construction of a bridge. Several residents of the area were upbeat about the construction of the bridge as it would finally give them a right of way.

However, the naxals were not happy about it and felt that the villagers were leaning towards the government and the developmental works.

They had even warned them on several occasions but the villagers decided to stand firm on their support for the government’s developmental works.

They abducted six villagers including Sadaram who was leading the villagers in supporting this project. When the rest of the villagers went to negotiate the release, the naxals held them and then conducted a Kangaroo court. After finding the leader guilty they shot him and also warned the rest of the villagers.

Desperate times, desperate measures:

Yesterday at a function in Chhattisgarh Prime Minister, Narendra Modi urged the people to focus on developmental work. Shun the gun and don the plough he urged.

The Chhattisgarh government too has been focusing on developmental work as it feels the best way to get people on board is by providing them facilities.

However, the naxals who have long thrived on issues such as lack of development feel that the war is getting out of their control.

If the villagers continue to support developmental work, then the naxals lose their basic support base. They will have no anti development agenda to hammer on the villagers.

Villagers have long supported the naxals, initially out of will and later out of fear.

They have been the eyes and ears of the naxals and have very often intimated them about any police movement in the area which has ensured for very long that the naxals have remained one up on the police force.

However today the naxals are running out of support and hence had decided to rely on the fear factor to get the villagers on board.

Off late they have been threatening villagers with dire consequences and those who do not listen have met with terrible fates.

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