How Indian agencies foxed Dawood into believing he was cheated by one of his own

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New Delhi, Sept 13: For several months, Dawood Ibrahim was under the impression that he was being cheated by some rogue elements in his organisation. It was reported that the don had launched his own investigation to find out about huge chunks of cash missing.

He suspected that the money that was being routed by him was being stolen by some elements in his gang.

How Indian agencies fooled Dawood

In reality it was a trap that was set up by the intelligence agencies of India. Indian authorities activated their networks in Canada, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates and kept a close tab on the don's transactions.

A sum of Rs 40 crore which was being moved by Dawood was seized by the agencies and the don believed that he was cheated by one of his own.

Finishing Dawood financially

India has made several appeals to Pakistan to hand over Dawood. However, the problem is that Pakistan denies that he is on their soil.

The United Nations too confirmed recently that Dawood is in Pakistan. At several high level security meetings it was decided that instead of waiting for a handover a new plan on finishing the don's financial network would yield better results and in the bargain he would be rendered useless.

While one part of the plan was to block his smuggling routes, the other was to keep tabs on his financial transactions and have them seized. In the past few months, the intelligence agencies picked up intercepts about five financial transactions that the D syndicate was making through a hawala network.

As part of the plan, the intelligence agencies identified at least 8 frontmen of the gang and kept tabs on them.

Further banks with parody accounts too had been identified.

The Indian agencies got in touch with these banks and informed them about these suspicious accounts. When the money was moved into these accounts it was seized with the help of the banks.

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