Delhi govt updates: Arvind Kejriwal wins trust vote in Delhi Assembly

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Big day for Kejriwal's AAP
New Delhi, Jan 2: Delhi Assembly today witnessed moments of chaos, funny moments, taunts. Congress and BJP leaders took pot shots at each other during the session, while Arvind Kejriwal kept mum throughout.

6.35 pm: Arvind Kejriwal wins trust vote in Delhi Assembly

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal won the confidence vote in Delhi Assembly today. Kejriwal won the trust vote by 37 votes as opposed to 32 votes from the BJP. With this the AAP is all set to rule the capital for the next six months, without any hinderance.

6.10 pm: 'Anyone who wants to banish corruption is an aam aadmi'

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal began his speech at the Assembly. "We won't tolerate corruption. Whoever is involved in it will face stern action," he said.

"We are very small people, very simple. We are nothing. Who is an aam aadmi? Anyone who wants an honest structure in this country, is an aam aadmi," he said. "The common man wants a roof over their head, they want water, electricity and healthcare," he said.

Speaking about the corrupt politics in the country, Kejriwal said that politics in the country has been destroyed. "We have to fix it. Our roads, infrastructure education is in a bad state due to corruption in politics. Anyone who wants to banish corruption is an aam aadmi,' he said. He also said that the people have taken the first step towards cleaning the corrupt politics.

Kejriwal in his speech raised many problems that people of Delhi were facing from corruption, water problem, to electricity Kejriwal raised all these issues in the session.

Speaking about major issues including women's safety, Kejriwal today said that women safety was a matter of concern and that strict action must be taken.

5.20 pm: Chaos prevails in Delhi Assembly

The situation turned ugly when BJP's RP Singh and JD (U)'s Shoaib Iqbal abused each other and threatened to fight over the latter's comment on RSS. The Speaker had to warn both of them and said that they were being watched on live TV.

The cause of the verbal spat was after Iqbal raked the Ram Mandir issue saying that the party had not fulfilled its promise.

4.53 pm: Arvind Kejriwal to speak in Assembly

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will be speaking in the Assembly shortly. He will seek the trust vote. The Congress earlier had said that it would support the AAP if it continued to work for the people of Delhi. The voting process is likely to get over by 6 pm.

3.10 pm: Arvinder Singh Lovely from Congress taunts Harshvardhan, warns AAP

Congress' Arvinder Singh Lovely taunted at Dr Harshvardhan saying that "it is the first time that I have seen Doctor Saab talk so much." "No matter what you do, you will always sit in the Opposition," he said. Where ever you see, you will find corruption in MCD. Dr Harshvardhan is being selective in his outrage, he said.

Extending Congress' support to AAP, Lovely said the reason for extending support to AAP was the sentiment of the people attached to it. "We extended our support to the AAP and saved Delhi from re-elections. I want to tell AAP that do not act in a hasty manner," he said.

Lovely went on to warn the AAP on the water and electricity subsidy saying that people were misguiding the AAP. "Water scheme by AAP will make water costlier for the people of Delhi. Instead of being cheaper, water has become costlier after AAP's decision," he said. He also questioned AAP's decision on subsidy saying that since the budget was not passed, how could the AAP provide the subsidy.

3 pm: Kejriwal must apologise on Kashmir statement says Harshvardhan

Opposition leader Harshvardhan today said that Arvind Kejriwal must apologise for his party's statement on Kashmir issue. He said that the BJP will not support AAP.

2:54 pm: Harshvardhan questions AAP's funding

Harshvardhan questioned AAP and said: "According to Ford Foundation, your organisation has received funding of over 3,000 dollars. Will the Delhi government give an assurance that such foreign funding for political and non-political endevours will be investigated?"

Harshvardhan said that AAP's promise of providing free water to the people of Delhi is a sham.

2:52pm: "We are also for clean politics", says Harshvardhan

"We are also for clean politics. We have thought hard about supporting this government in this trust vote. We did not want to indulge in any horse-trading. We did not have the numbers and chose to sit in the Opposition", said Harshvardhan

2:46pm: Harshvardhan continues attack on Kejriwal

"When you promised people of Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill, were you not aware of the existence of a lokayukta in the state?", Harshvardhan asked Kejriwal.

2.35 pm: Harshvardhan mocks Kejriwal on the latter's not taking security and refusing govt bungalows

"Your decision to travel by the metro railway on the oath-taking day broke the rules as a special train was arranged for you. The heacy crowd could also have led to an accident," said the BJP leader.

2.20 pm: Harshvardhan speaks in Delhi Assembly

Opposition leader Harshvardhan congratulated the AAP for forming the new government in Delhi. Sharpening his attack on Kejriwal, Harshvardhan said that Kejriwal was sitting in the Delhi assembly due to Anna Hazare's movement.

2.10 pm: Manish Sisodia moves trust motion in Assembly

AAP leader Manish Sisodia moves trust motion in Delhi assembly. "We didn't compromise to form government. We stand here to clean the politics in the country. We formed the government but we are in a dilemma. We want to ensure that people in Delhi get clean water to drink and cheap electricity," he said.

Sisodia also said that the party was here for the traders, farmers and the youth of Delhi.

2.05 pm: BJP MLAs protest in Delhi Assembly

BJP MLAs were in an aggressive mood as they protested in Delhi assembly against AAP members wearing party hats in the assembly.

13.55 pm: Delhi assembly session begins

Members of the AAP were seen entering the Delhi assembly sans their trademark topi. Trust vote to begin at 2 pm

13.15 pm: We are not here for power, we are not scared says Kejriwal

On his way to the Delhi assembly, Arvind Kejriwal said that  the people have faith in the party . "We are not here for power. We are not scared. In five days people have started believing us. This is a people's government," he said ahead of the trust vote today.

12.30 pm: Congress says will not do a U-turn

Meanwhile Congress spokesperson Haroon Yousuf said that 'all Congress MLAs will be present for the trust vote in Delhi Assembly.' "Congress will continue to support AAP," he said.

11.45 am: Hazare confident of Kejriwal's government

Social activist Anna Hazare today said that he was confident that Arvind Kejriwal and his party will win the trust vote today in Delhi assembly.

11.30 am: DMRC workers protest outside Kejriwal's residence

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation workers today protested outside Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's residence in Ghaziabad, demanding to put an end to contractual employment and to provide them with permanent jobs.

10.50 am: BJP MLA Jagdish Mukhi files nomination

BJP leader and MLA Jagdish Mukhi today filed his nomination for the post of speaker of Delhi Assembly against Aam Aadmi Party's MS Dhir.

10.30 am: BJP likely to vote against confidence motion

Reports suggest that BJP's Dr Harshvardhan will be issuing a notice to his party members asking them to vote against the confidence motion.

Kejriwal to face vote of confidence today in Delhi assembly.

Today will be a big day for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) as Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will prove the majority of his government today in the Delhi Assembly.

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