2014 polls survey: Govt formation will be a big challenge

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Mumbai, Oct 17: The BJP is likely to emerge as the single largest party in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, according to a latest survey conducted by Times Now and CVoter. The NDA is expected to get 186 seats, 69 more than the UPA's 117, while 240 seats will go to the regional parties like the Trinamool Congress, Left Front, Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party. The Congress is likely to get a paltry 102 seats, more than 100 less than what it had got in 2009.

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In terms of vote share, the NDA is expected to get 35% votes, followed by the UPA (27%) and the rest (38%).

This hung scenario could make the government formation a very difficult process after the polls.

According to the survey, the Left Front is expected to bag 32 seats, followed by the BSP with 31 and the AIADMk with 28 seats. The SP is likely to get 25 seats while the TMC could win 23 seats. The Janata Dal (United) is expected to win just nine seats, which is a drastic deterioration from its 2009 tally of 20.

The BJP is likely to get 162 seats, while the Congress a paltry 102

The survey has hinted at a disaster for the Congress and it is likely to face adversity in most states and Karnataka, where it returned to power this May, is little likely to compensate for the overall loss.

The BJP, on the other hand, is likely to do well in Rajasthan and many other states. But none of the two national parties will be in a position to call the shots while sharp differences among the regional parties also make the emergence of a Third Front government unlikely.


Andhra Pradesh

Congress likely to win just seven seats, which is 26 less than that of 2009. The YSR Congress and Telangana Rashtra Samithi are likely to get 13 seats each.


Congress to win just five seats, which is 15 less than its previous rally. The BJP is likely to win all those 15.

Uttar Pradesh

Congress to win just five seats, which is 16 less than that of the 2009 tally. The BJP could win 17 seats, seven more than its 2009 tally.


Congress to gain 11 seats, all at the expense of the BJP.


The Congress is likely to lose nine seats and all of them could go to the Left Front.


The Congress's tally is likely to go down to 11 while the NCP is set to lose two seats from its 2009 tally. The BJP and the Shiv Sena are likely to gain four and three seats, respectively.

Tamil Nadu

The AIADMK is likely to make a huge gain of nine seats to take its tally to 28 in the 2014 polls. The Congress's tally could drop to just one while the DMK's tally could drop to just five from 18.


The BJP looks clear favourites and could win six out of seven seats.

West Bengal

The Trinamool Congress likely to raise its tally to 23, four more than its 2009 tally while the Left Front could add one more to its existing tally of 15. The Congress might lose three out of its six seats.

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