Extortion gangs exist all over UP: BJP's next stop Bareilly

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Lucknow, June 18: The BJP has upped the ante in Uttar Pradesh where the issue of migration is concerned.  BJP drew up a list of those who had migrated out of fear from Kairana.

While there are debates about the authenticity of this list, the party says that this is an issue which will be taken up very seriously. The next stop for the BJP would be Bareilly.

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Extortion gangs exist all over UP

The migration issue is rampant in this part of Uttar Pradesh as well. There are gangs that flourish in this area and have been targeting innocent people to give up their land and houses. Many have left their villages out of fear.

The UP police however continues to live in denial mode. They quote statistics and say that many had left in search of better opportunities. However the problem here is of extortion.

There are many gangs in Uttar Pradesh who earn their bread and butter by running extortion rackets. It is rampant in almost all parts of the state.

The BJP has however decided to intensify this campaign. All the units of the party have been told to report about migrations. However for now the next stop for the BJP would be Bareilly.

Extortion gangs

In Kairana alone, there are three gangs which run the extortion racket. The main one is by Mukeem Kala while the other is by Fukraan. There is also a Kala breakaway faction which too indulges in the same racket.

The police of UP had said that they have arrested Kala and his entire gang. Kala who is also an accused in the murder of four police personnel is lodged in the Saharanpur jail.

Kala has access to a cell phone in jail. Two of his men had escaped from jail. While one, Dr Israr has been arrested the other Wajid Kala is still at large.

The Fukran gang with 18 members too focuses on Shamli. They are at logger heads with both the Kala gang and the breakaway faction. Many people have alleged that these gangs enjoy political patronage. This could be one of the reasons why the police fear to reign in on them.

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