World’s largest flower blooms in Tokyo after 5 years

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Tokyo, July 27: Amorphophallus titanum, known as the titan arum the world's largest flower has blossomed for the first time in five years in Japan.

Amorphophallus titanium has bloomed in Jindai Botinaical Gardens in Chofu, Tokyo. The flower has attracted hundreds of visitors to the garden.

World’s largest flower blooms in Tokyo

The titan arum produces one of the largest flowering structures and one of the foulest odours in the plant kingdom.

The flower reportedly smells like rotten meat and hence is called the corpse flower as well.

This plant is native of rainforests in western Sumatara, Indonesia.

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The flower owing to its rarity is classified as a ‘vulnerable' species with the next stage endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The common name was given by Sir David Attenborough during the filming of the Private Life of Plants series.

The flower is only open for 48 hours and attracts insect pollinators with its stench of rotting flesh.

The titan arum is used for ornamental displays and can be an immensely popular visitor attraction.

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