US enhances security at major buildings, airports and cities

Posted By: PTI
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Washington, Jan 13:  In the aftermath of recent terror attacks in Paris and other parts of the world, the US has announced to step up security measures at its major airports, government buildings, installations and big cities.

"Recent world events call for increased vigilance in homeland security," Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said in a statement on Monday, adding, the measures taken are precautionary as there were no specific threat at this time.

US on high alert, enhances security

"We have no specific, credible intelligence of an attack of the kind in Paris last week being planned by terrorist organisations in this country," he said. "But, the reasons for these measures should be self- evident to the public: the recent attacks in Paris, Ottawa, Sydney, and elsewhere, along with the recent public calls by terrorist organisations for attacks on Western objectives, including aircraft, military personnel, and government installations and civilian personnel," he added.

In late October, Johnson said, he directed the Federal Protective Service to enhance its presence and security at various US Government buildings in Washington, DC and other major cities and locations around the country.

"Today, I have directed an enhanced presence of the Federal Protective Service at the US government buildings in an expanded list of major cities around the country. The precise locations at which we are enhancing security is law-enforcement sensitive, will vary and shift from location to location, and will be continually re-evaluated," he said.

Recent world events call for increased vigilance in homeland security: US

Last week the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) took steps to enhance the number of random searches of passengers and carry-on luggage boarding aircraft at US airports, he said.

"Previously, in July, I directed enhanced screening at certain foreign airports that are last points of departure to the United States.Since then, a number of foreign governments have themselves enhanced aviation security, buttressing and replacing our own measures at these airports," he added.

Johnson has also directed TSA to conduct an immediate, short-term review to determine whether more is necessary, at both domestic and overseas last-point of departure airports.

"These are just a few of the aviation security adjustments we have undertaken recently; we will not hesitate to take more when and if necessary, without unduly burdening the travelling public," he said.


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