TV panelist mocks UAE's female fighter pilot "boobs on the ground", faces flak

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Washington, Sept 26: Fox News television panelist Eric Bolling faced flak on Wednesday for jokingly remarking whether a female fighter pilot can be called "boobs on the ground". He said this in a programme named "The Five" on Major Mariam Al Mansouri, the first female pilot of the United Arab Emirates who carried out bomb attack against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in Syria on Monday night.

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Bolling's remark "'Would that be considered boobs on the ground, or no?" came after Kimberly Guilfoyle, another panelist, praised Maj. Mansouri's efforts. Some of the panelists were visibly shocked to hear Bolling's words.

Viewers and the Twitteratti expressed their anger over the incident, calling it "Crazy sexism!" or "Disrespectful and disgusting"

Another panelist Greg Gutfield also faced criticism for saying: "Problem is, after she bombed it she couldn't park it."

On Thursday, UAE's ambassador to the US confirmed the news of Maj. Mariam carrying out the bombings against the ISIS. Mariam is a 35-year-old F-16 pilot is in the lead of the UAE's air strikes against the ISIS.

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