Trump has a word of 'advise'; NATO relations need overhauling

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USA, March 28: Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump has a solution for everything...literally? On Sunday, the outspoken candidate of the US Presidential elections called for overhauling the NATO alliance, just days before world leaders convene in Washington.

Hosting the Nuclear Security Summit on Thursday and Friday will be the current US President Barack Obama. 56 delegations will also be in attendance. Trump, in his views said that he would consider letting Japan and South Korea build their own nuclear weapons rather than depend on USA for providing protection against North Korea and China.

Donald Trump

He also advised that US should halt oil purchase from Saudi Arabia unless they commit ground troops to fight Islamic State or pay the United States to do so.

Trump's criticism also rendered the NATO obsolete, saying that the 28-country North Atlantic Treaty Organization was set up in a different era when the main threat to the West was the Soviet Union. He said that it is ill-suited for the current time and costs the United States too much.

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Trump's views, however, were contested by Texas Senator Ted Cruz who deemed his views as "catastrophically foolish."

The latter explained,"Abandoning Europe, withdrawing from the most successful military alliance of modern times, it makes no sense at all. It would hand a massive victory to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, a massive victory to ISIS." Cruz, on the other said that if he was elected the President, he would "bomb the IS into oblivion".

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