Saudi cleric says Earth doesn’t revolve around Sun, humans never stepped on Moon

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Riyadh, Feb 18: Some unscientific remarks made by Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari, a Muslim cleric from Saudi Arabia have gone viral. Saudi cleric has come up with a new theory as per which, the earth doesn't revolve around the sun and is stationary.

'Earth doesn’t revolve around Sun'
A student asked a question about whether the Earth was stationary or moving, to this Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari replied by saying that the earth is stationary and does not move. He also supported his theory with examples and clerical statements.

A per an Alarabiya report, the cleric while holding a sealed water cup said, "First of all, where are we now? We go to Sharjah airport to travel to China by plane, clear?! focus with me, this is Earth.

He argued that if a plane stops still in air China would be coming towards it in case the Earth rotates on one direction. It the Earth rotates on opposite direction, the plane would never reach China, because China is also rotating."

Rejecting NASA's footage of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the lunar surface, he also went on to say that human beings have never made it to the moon and all these footages are fabricated.

The video of his remarks has been making the rounds in Arab media, with many other observant Muslims calling this dude out on his epic bullshit.

After the cleric's video went viral on Social Media, the hashtag #cleric_rejects_rotation_of_Earth started trending.

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