Paris Attack: Viral video maker regrets his decision

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Paris, Jan 12:The man, Mir, who made the amateur video of the Paris police officer's cold-blooded murder is now full of remorse. The video shocked many quarters of the world-some believing it to be gory and a sheer violation of the slain sop's dignity, others believed it to have helped establish how unmerciful the terrorists have been in murdering the cop.

50 year old engineer Jordi Mir told media that it was out of a stupid reflex of being in the social media that he uploaded the video on Facebook and before he could take it offline, it was already shared in Youtube and other social media sites.

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The family of the slain cop, 42-year old Ahmed Merabet, especially considers this a violation of his integrity.

The 42-second film shows two masked-men-brother Cherif and Said Kouachi walking toward the cop, saying,"You want to kill us?" To which the cop begged,"No, it's OK, boss," Merabet says, raising his hand in an apparent plea for mercy."

Then he is shot in his head.

Media worldwide both criticised and empathised with the video, but Mir wants to say sorry to Merabet's family.

Mir didn't even know what he was filming at first. Drawn to his window when the sound of gunshots interrupted his emailing, he initially thought there was a bank robbery in progress. When he spotted the rifle-wielding men in black walking down the street, he assumed they were SWAT police going to help a stricken comrade.

"And - horror - they're not," Mir said.

And as penance, he downloaded the video and gave it to the police who arrived a little late.

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