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PM Narendra Modi winds up his Five Nation Tour

By Oneindia Staff Writer

Mexico City, June 9: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has winded up his five nation tour and has departed for Delhi from Mexico City which was the last leg of his tour.

PM visited Afghanistan, Qatar, Switzerland, the US and Mexico. PM was on the tour to help India get support of the nations for membership of Nuclear Suppliers Group and to forge various partnerships that would help India develop faster.

Narendra Modi

10.15 am: Thank you Mexico. A new era in India-Mexico ties has begun and this relationship is going to benefit our people & the entire world: PM

8.40 am: Both the leaders share a meal of bean tacos.

8.35 am: President Enrique Peña Nieto takes PM Modi out for vegetarian Mexican dinner.

8.12 am: Both leaders sign copies of their joint photograph.

8.10 am: Mexico supports India for membership of Nuclear Suppliers' Group.

8.00 am: Both the leaders give joint press statement.

7.35 am: PM Modi and President Nieto lead delegation level talks.

7.05 am: PM Modi and President Nieto hold restricted talks.

12.03 pm: PM Narendra Modi departs from Washington DC (US) for Mexico, the last leg of his 5-nation visit.

11.00 pm: I thank you with all my heart for the warm welcome extended to me, says PM.

10.59 pm: Be it climate change issue, poverty, terrorism, health sector issues of the world, we can put our heads together and work for the world, says PM.

10.58 pm: This opportunity for me to come & speak at US Congress at Capitol, it was an honour & respect for Indian culture & citizens, says PM.

10.57 pm: This is a huge honour for me, and I am very grateful for this, says PM at Congressional Reception.

10.53 pm: PM Modi attends Congressional Reception hosted for him in Washington DC.

10.50 pm: PM Modi attends Congressional Reception hosted jointly by Foreign Relations Committees (House & Senate) and India Caucus (House & Senate).

10.40 pm: PM Modi meets members of the Indian community in Washington DC.

10.33 pm: It's brilliance & scope reminded me of Swami Vivekanand's Chicago address a century ago, says Dr.Raman Singh,Chhattisgarh CM.

10.32 pm: Congratulate PM Modi ji for mesmerizing US Congress through his brilliant speech, says Dr.Raman Singh,Chhattisgarh CM.

10.31 pm: Congratulate PM Modi ji for mesmerizing US Congress through his brilliant speech, says Dr.Raman Singh,Chhattisgarh CM.

10.30 pm: 2/2 When he(PM Modi) described how wonderful it might be for US manufacturers to move operations to India, says Brad Sherman,US Congressman.

10.29 pm: 1/2 Was(PM Modi speech) interesting but he may not be focussed on current US politics, say Brad Sherman,US Congressman.

10.28 pm: He was terrific, India and US relationship will only get stronger, says Ajaypal Banga,MasterCard CEO on PM speech.

10.03 pm: PM Modi's speech was inspiring, especially talking about our partnerships, says Kathy Castor,US Congresswoman.

10.00 pm: It was a great speech by PM Modi, fantastic. I am very impressed, says Paul Cook,US Congressman.

9.59 pm: Very good speech by PM Modi, his points on terrorism was the highlight, says Rodney Davis,US Congressman.

9.40 pm: PM Modi meets US Congress members after concluding his speech.

9.39 pm: Terrorism incubated in India's neighbourhood,commend US Cong for sending clear message to those who preach terror for political gains, says PM.

9.35 pm: Constraints of the past are behind us and foundations of the future firmly in place, says PM Modi at US Congress.

9.54 pm: For us in India, to live in harmony with mother earth is a part of our ancient belief, says PM Modi at US Congress.

9.31 pm: Those who believe in humanity must come together as one & speak against this menace in one voice. Terrorism must be delegitimized, says PM Modi.

9.29 pm: But its(terrorism) philosophy is common, of hate, murder and violence, says PM Modi at US Congress.

9.28 pm: Terrorism remains the biggest threat. From West of India's border to Africa, it may go by different names,LeT,Taliban or ISIS, says PM Modi.

9.22 pm: India's strong economy and growth rate of 7.6% per annum, is creating new opportunities for our mutual prosperity, says PM.

9.21 pm: I see US as an indispensible partner. Many of you believe that a stronger & prosperous India is in America's strategic interest, says PM Modi.

9.20 pm: My dream is to economically empower our billion citizens through many social and economic transformations, says PM Modi.

9.20 pm: Connecting our two nations is also a unique and dynamic bridge of three million Indian Americans, says PM Modi.

9.19 pm: And, we have not yet claimed intellectual property right on Yoga, says PM.

9.18 pm: SIRI tells us that India's ancient heritage of Yoga has over 30 million practitioners in the USA, says PM Modi.

9.17 pm: You are well-known for your bipartisanship.I also witnessed similar spirit in Indian Parliament, especially in Upper House, says PM.

9.16 pm: We trade more with the US than with any other nation, says PM Modi at US Congress.

9.06 pm: The genius of Baba Saheb Ambedkar was nurtured in the years he spent at the Columbia University a century ago, says PM.

9.05 pm: Mahatma Gandhi's non violence inspired Martin Luther King's heroism, says PM Modi at US Congress.

9.04 pm: Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee called India and the US, 'natural allies', says PM Modi at US Congress.

9.03 pm: Our founders created a modern nation with freedom, democracy, and equality as the essence of its soul, says PM Modi at US Congress.

9.02 pm: There were many who doubted India when, as a newly independent nation, we reposed our faith in democracy, says PM Modi.

9.01 pm: India applauds great sacrifices of men & women from 'The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave' in service of mankind, says PM.

9.00 pm: As representative of world's largest democracy, it is indeed a privilege to speak to the leaders of the oldest, says PM Modi.

8.59 pm: This temple of democracy has empowered and encouraged other democracies of the world, says PM Modi at US Congress.


Washington, June 7: Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is on his three day visit to US, held bilateral talks with President Barack Obama on Tuesday. He will be visited by US Defence Secretary at 2.00 am (IST)

Modi has a packed schedule here and will be addressing joint meeting of the US Congress on June 8.

Prime Minister will also address the 40th AGM of the USIBC (US India Business Council) and meet US business leaders.

Get all the latest updates of Modi's US visit here.

6.08 am: PM was given a big thanks and praised for helping US and India business partnership work. He was thanked for bringing courageous global leadership. PM was thanked for his wonderful innovative programmes like Make in India, Digital India, Skill India and others which are brining cheers for the people of India in particular and world in general.

6.01 am: India has begun its journey to a transformed India, which will then lead to a transformed World: PM Modi

5.57 am: There has been a significant change in the levels of corruption on account of decisive steps that we have taken.

5.53 am: We have paid special attention to gender justice and to empowering women.

5.49 am: India needs to learn from US on innovation; Aim is to reform and transform.

5.43 am: In the last two years, we have taken a comprehensive package of reforms which go beyond more economic reforms.

5.39 am: India is much more than a market. India is a reliable partner, a source of high quality scientific, engineering and managerial talent: PM

5.38 am: PM began his address by stating that, "I am happy to tell you that today India is poised to contribute as a new engine of global growth. A larger Indian economy has multiple benefits for the world."

5.34 am: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: India will be home to largest software development plant. People of India are very dynamic. We will invest additional $3 billion in India.

5.32 am: PM Modi presents USIBC Global Leadership Awards to Dilip Shangvhi and Jeff Bezos.

4.50 am: John Chambers of Cisco tells PM that USIBC members are on track to invest $45 billion in India.

4.45 am: "India is a country full of entrepreneurs," Amazon founder Jeff Bezos tells PM Modi

4.40 am: Seeking new horizons for India US commercial ties, PM Nrendra Modi meets Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker

4.36 am: PM Modi outlines strengths of Indian economy and its talented workforce; discusses solar energy, digital connectivity with CEOs.

4.12 am: Aaron Schlock on PM Modi: We tried very hard to allow for the travel permission for Modi. But the resounding victory Indians gave Modi is what did it. President Obama's was one of the first phone calls to him. But many of us who have been with Modi from the beginning know who his true friends are and he knows who his true friends are.

3.53 am: I met PM Modi many years ago, was a fan and supporter of his work in Gujarat. PM Modi turned Gujarat around; now he is a captain of a larger ship, so we should give him time. He is making progress. Surely Pakistan, surely China are not nearly as dependable as India. So to sell arms and planes to India is a smart play for US: Aaron Schlock (former Member Of US Congress)

3.42 am: We are in welcome committee for PM Modi to US Capitol. It will be exciting event where entire Government of US will be present. Phenomenal opportunity for India to extend hand of friendship to America via their chosen representatives. It will be like a red carpet welcome for PM Modi: Shalab Kumar (US Congress Welcome Committee Member)

3.39 am: PM Narendra Modi attends round table with top CEOs

2.26 am: US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter meets PM Narendra Modi at Blair House, Washington, D.C.

12.56 am: The leaders welcomed the start of preparatory work on site in India for six AP 1000 reactors to be built by Westinghouse and the two sides will work toward finalizing the contractual arrangements by June 2017: MEA

12.55 am: The leaders welcomed the start of preparatory work on site in India for six AP 1000 reactors to be built by Westinghouse, says MEA

12.54 am: India -US signed a pact on sharing of terrorist screening information,says MEA.

12.47 am: United States will open a new consulate at a mutually agreed location in India: India-US Joint Statement.

12.44 am: Leaders reaffirmed support for a reformed UNSC with India as permanent member & for addressing global develop't & security challenges,says FS.

12.43 am: Leaders recognized the the elements required to pursue US-India Totalization Agreement, resolved to continue discussions later this year, says FS.

12.40 am: There was resolution to complete within the next three months the procedures for India's entry into the Global Entry Program, says Foreign Secy.

12.39 am: Signing of MOU for Development of an International Expedited Traveler Initiative (also known as the Global Entry Program) was welcomed, says FS.

12.38 am: US is comfortable supporting our initiative of Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT), says Foreign Secy.

12.35 am: Terrorism was also the focus of the discussion. There was disccusion on how to deepen US-India colalboration against terrorism, says Foreign Secy.

12.34 am: Today the big challenge is we want a framework that allows not just sale or collab but allows Make in India to happen in Defence side, says FS.

12.33 am: This allows for better higher quality technology access on defence side, and liberal access to the dual-use technology side, says Foreign Secy.

12.32 am: India recognised as a major defence partner for the US, we would be treated at a level similar to the closest allies of the US, says Foreign Secy.

12.31 am: Some agreements were finalised; one is the technical arrangement to sharing white shipping information, says FS on PM-Pres.Obama meet.

12.30 am: Last year when Pres. Obama came to India we announced a US-India Joint Strategic Vision, the roadmap for that has been finalised, says FS.

12.29 am: On people to people interaction front, India is to open another consulate in Seattle, says FS on PM-Pres.Obama meet.

12.28 am: We hope to finalise the framework for US-India Cyber Relationship in near term, says FS on PM-Pres.Obama meet.

12.27 am: There was also expressions of welcome of our imminent entry into Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), says FS on PM-Pres.Obama meet.

12.26 am: This matter will come up for discussion end of this month in South Korea, US has been supportive of this process for some time now, says FS.

12.25 am: We look forward to the acceptance of our application to join Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), says Foreign Secy.

12.24 am: We have this commitment to reach 40% target of non fossil fuel in terms of power generation by 2030, says FS.

12.23 am: US-India Catalytic Solar Finance Program looks to mobilise a large amount from pvt sector on solar projects, says FS on PM-Pres.Obama meet.

12.22 am: Fair amount of time was spent on how to finance clean energy, there as recognition on the big steps India has taken to meet its goals, says FS.

12.02 am: US commitment to bring 2008 Mumbai attackers to justice now extends to Pathankot Attack as well, says Foreign Secy on PM-Pres.Obama meet.

12.01 am: India recognised as a major defence partner for the US, we would be treated at a level similar to the closest allies of the US, says Foreign Secy.

11.59 pm: Finalisation of text of The Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) was done, says S Jaishankar, Foreign Secy on PM-Pres.Obama meet.

11.58 pm: Nuclear energy forms a great part of the energy mix for the future, says S Jaishankar, Foreign Secy.

11.57 pm: PM Modi & Pres. Obama also discussed the Paris Climate Agreement & clean energy, says S Jaishankar, Foreign Secy.

10.52 pm: US Defence Secretary to meet PM Modi at 2 AM (IST),

10.12 pm: PM Modi and President Obama at the White House.

10.06 pm: We have worked together in slew of issues, says Modi.

10.05 pm: We discussed progress made on nuclear civil cooperation: President Obama after meeting PM Modi.

10.04 pm: We discussed regional security issues,we wish to work together on cyber security, says President Obama.

10.03 pm: Want to thank my close friend President Obama,we discussed a range of issues. Also thank US Congress for inviting me, says PM Modi.

10.02 pm: We are working shoulder to shoulder, we are proud. Will continue working together, says PM Modi.

10.01 pm: Will meet again in G20 ,will fulfill dream of climate justice.Our friend Obama extended support to MTCR and NSG ,will always be grateful, says PM.

10.00 pm: India is a young country,over 800 million of Indians below age of 35. Our youth power in partnership with US will serve mankind, says PM Modi.

9.59 pm: India and USA have strong bonds: President Barack Obama.

9.32 pm: Obama, Modi meet concludes. Press briefing will begin shortly.

8.35 pm: India has admitted to Missile Technology Control Regime. A fresh take away in the meeting that is underway.

8.25 pm: Press Secretary to White House likely to brief the press after the meeting. Joint statement by two top leaders is unlikely.

8.18 pm: Meeting between Modi and Obama will be held at Oval office inside the White House.

8.04 pm: PM Narendra Modi greeted at White House. Meeting with Obama will begin in a short while.

7.33 pm: The key issues that would be addressed during Modi's visit with Barack Obama are membership at Nuclear Supplier Groups and climate change and terrorism. However PM Narendra Modi has managed take Switzerland on board.

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