Living in isolation, this Ebola-infected US nurse holds on to hope (video)

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Living in isolation, this Ebola-infected US nurse holds on to hope (video)
Chicago, Oct 17: The first person to contract Ebola within United States - Nina Pham, a nurse, left the Dallas hospital, where she has been getting treated, for National Institute in Florida, officials said on Thursday.

The 26-year-old nurse is the first person to contract the deadly disease on US soil. She was given a warm goodbye, said a Chicago Tribune report. The report says that several of her co-workers waited at the hospital exit to see her off, clapping and cheering.

Pham was contracted with Ebola while working as a primary nurse to  the nation's first Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan.

"They have an entire unit of ICU nurses and she was selected because she is brilliant and she is able to handle these very intense situations calmly," said Jennifer Joseph, a co-worker of Pham's, as quoted by The Chicago Tribune.

In a video shot in Dallas hospital, where Pham was kept in a solitary confinement, she is seen talking to her doctor, who is seen wearing Ebola protections."Come to Maryland everybody," she is seen saying in the video.  Also, Pham looks quite alright in the video.

"I love you guys," she tells Dr Gary Weinstein,her co-worker who thanked her for working to tackle Ebola.

The makers of the video explains that no one can touch or physically comfort Pham or even approach her without proper safety measures.

Watch the video here:

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