Donald Trump signs order to build US-Mexico wall

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Washington, Jan 26: US President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed immigration actions and an order to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.

Trump, while signing the order said; "'We've been talking about this right from the beginning." White House Spokesman Sean Spicer said that the first executive order will begin with the building of a large physical barrier on the southern border.

Trump signs order for building the wall

One of the orders Donald Trump signed, White House said would jump start construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. The other order signed by US President defunds sanctuary cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago that harbour illegal immigrants.

While signing the order Trump told Department of Homeland Security employees that, "A nation without borders is not a nation". He also was quoted, "Beginning today the United States of America...gets back its borders."

Sean Spicer while addressing reporters said: "Mexico will end up paying for the wall one way or another."

During his election campaign, Trump had said that he would build a wall along the US-Mexico border and will make Mexico pay for the same. Trump had also vowed to launch a crackdown on illegal immigrants in the country.

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