China denounces Japan's objection to Ban's presence at parade

Posted By: PTI
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Beijing, Sept 7: China today denounced Japan for objecting to UN chief Ban Ki-moon's attendance at the grand military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of China's victory against Japanese forces in World War-II, asking Japan not to be unreasonable and reflect on its war-time history.

"The UN was created as an outcome of the anti-fascist war and anti-militarism. It was created after the victory of the WW-II," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told media briefing here today, reacting to Japan's protests to the UN, stating that the world body should remain neutral.

China denounces Japan's objection

"On the issue of commemorating victory over fascists, how can you ask the UN to stay neutral? On the issues bearing peace and justice for humankind, how can you ask UN to be neutral? We urge specific country to stop being unreasonable or wasting time and energy," Hong said.

"Instead they should read the UN charter carefully, reflecting upon the history of aggression and make tangible moves to win the trust of Asian neighbours and international community," he said.

Earlier, the UN Secretary General has himself defended his decision to attend the massive September 3 parade organised by China which held the event for the first time in 70 years. China suffered 35 million casualties in the WW-II against Japan, according to Chinese officials.

"China's contribution and sacrifice during the second World War is very much recognised, [China is] appreciated for all such sufferings, and sympathised by the world's people," Ban has been quoted as saying by the state-run media here. "It's important to look to the past, what kinds of lessons we have been learning, and how we can move ahead to a brighter future based on the lessons learned.

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That is the main purpose," Ban said. About 30 foreign dignitaries attended the event while most of the western leaders stayed away apprehending that the event was directed against Japan, given Beijing's present dispute with Tokyo over the disputed islands in South China Sea.

India was represented by Minister of State for External Affairs, Gen. V K Singh. Hong also refuted foreign media description of massive display of weapons at the parade as intimidating.

"The commemoration was aimed to bare the history in mind and honour those who laid their lives, cherish peace, open up future and defend world peace," he said.

Referring to the speech made by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the parade, Hong said Xi had mentioned peace 18 times in his address.

Xi also mentioned no matter how developed China becomes, it will never seek hegemonism and expansion and never inflict own suffering on other nations, Hong said, adding that it fully shows China's sincerity to defend world peace.

"We sent very clear message that peace needs to be cherished and defended. A stronger China will contribute more to the world peace," Hong added.


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