13 Keralites who joined the IS confirmed dead in MOAB bombing

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The Mother of All Bombs or the MOAB dropped in Afghanistan may have wiped out the entire IS module from Kerala. However, now there is confirmation that 13 out of the 21 Keralites have died at Nangarhar province where the Islamic State had set up shop.

A Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) weapon is prepared for testingat an armament center. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/US Department of Defense

The MOAB dropped on IS caves and tunnels killed many terrorists including several stooges of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence. The confirmed number of deaths of IS militants stands at 90. However, the exact numbers are yet to emerge as the impact of the bombing was huge.

India's concern is regarding the 21 persons who went missing from Kerala. After a lot of intelligence gathering, it was found that they had left Kerala for Iran following which they made their way into the Nangarhar province. They were in the province and had become part of the IS module known as the Afghan Khorasan.

The National Investigation Agency which is probing the case is in touch with officials in Afghanistan to get a clear picture. A national Investigation Agency official told OneIndia that the exact death toll is not known as yet, but reports emerging suggest that at least 13 have died. The officer also said that two of the operatives Murshid and Mohammad Hafeezuddin had died a few months before the MOAB was dropped. They were killed in a drone strike, the officer added.

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