Yakub Memon told inmates: How I wished I had listened to Tiger

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Mumbai, July 30: Yakub Memon had not eaten since Wednesday and he repeated what he had said at the TADA court in anger. An innocent is being punished and the Supreme Court has not given me justice. I wish I had listened to my brother Tiger Memon.

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Yakub was angry, but he had made peace with his fate too, a jail official informed.

What Yakub Memon told inmates

The jail authorities at Nagpur were a bit concerned that he was not eating. However when the doctor examined him, they certified him as fine. In fact Yakub had also told the doctors there was no need to check him as he was fine.

Yakub was informed about every procedure:

The entire procedure before the hanging was explained to Yakub Memon. An officer prior to the hanging read out the entire legal procedure to him before he was taken to the gallows.

When the two jail officials arrived at his cell at 3 AM this morning, he was awake. He was not agitated at first, but later cursed his fate and said that he had been singled out.

He also told some of the prison inmates that the Supreme Court had been unfair on him. Although Yakub Memon knew that the Supreme Court had opened its doors at midnight to hear his plea, he was aware that the same would not be considered.

Had I listened to my brother:
Yakub Memon on several occasions told both the inmates and also the prison officials of how he made a mistake by returning to India. While all through his family has blamed the main conspirator Tiger Memon for the mess, Yakub was in fact told that he should not return to India.

Yakub had claimed that he never had anything to do with his brother's dealings and was busy with his practice as an chartered account. He had even started a firm called Mehta and Memon Associates.
Yakub Memon and his family had left India for the UAE two days prior to the blast.

They were shuttled between UAE and Pakistan for the next 18 months. His return to India have several accounts. Intelligence Bureau officials have different views on his arrest.

He had decided he wanted to come back to India. However it was at that time Tiger Memon warned him against doing that. 'You will not get a fair trial in India' Tiger is said to have told Yakub. Yakub however, decided to take the plunge and come back to India. A few days after his return to India, he had instructed his family too to come back.

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