Why ISIS terrorists are swarming like bees in Hyderabad

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Central intelligence agencies say that the growth of ISIS modules in India are emerging mainly from Hyderabad and Kerala. These are two problematic destinations, an Intelligence Bureau official confirmed.

Why ISIS terrorists are swarming like bees in Hyderabad

The police with the help of the intelligence agencies are studying the pattern regarding the growth of the ISIS in India. Investigations have emerged that the primary module continues to function out of Hyderabad and then spills into Kerala.

Following the busting of an ISIS module in Uttar Pradesh,it came to light that the control point was in Hyderabad. They are swarming like bees in Hyderabad especially in the older parts of the grand old city, an officer said.

The radicalisation threat perception is high. They have not carried out any major attacks but are in the process of setting up many more modules the officer also confirmed.

The Hyderabad module has been responsible for the setting up of units in Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Hyderabad has been the chosen destination because there are certain parts of the city that provide a safe hideout to the operatives. In parts of the old city police officials are still apprehensive about conducting raids and this has been beneficial to the operatives.

The other worry is that this module does not restrict itself to India alone. It has its links to the Afghanistan module as well. It was the Hyderabad module that coordinated with its counterpart in Kerala to send out dozens of people to Afghanistan to be part of the ISIS module there, officials also say.

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