Why China's non-action against Syed Salahuddin is dangerous

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New Delhi, June 24: China blocking India's efforts to seek action against Pakistan for Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi comes a month after it had blocked an attempt to put Syed Salahuddin the Chief of the United Jihad Council on the terror list.

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While it is amply clear that China has only bailed its friend out against India, there is a larger message that one needs to see in both these incidents.

Why China's non-action is dangerous

Both Salahuddin and Lakhvi are crucial to Pakistan and are capable of lifting the sagging morale of those terrorists battling in Kashmir.

Pakistan which is also dealing with terrorists that it created on its own soil wants to boost up the Kashmir battle in a big way and in such an event players such as Salahuddin and Lakhvi are extremely important.

A double-edged sword called Salahuddin:

Syed Salahuddin heads the dreaded United Jihad Council which has under it at least 12 terrorist groups. Intelligence Bureau reports would also suggest that the UJC proposes to operate in Kashmir in a big way with the help of the separatists as well.

While Salahuddin is capable of leading a dirty prozy war for Pakistan, he becomes a more important player as he is also well connected with the Taliban. In fact a month back he had met with several Taliban leaders and invited them over to Kashmir to wage the battle.

He has also been trying to bring under one fold several like minded terrorist groups to wage the Kashmir battle.

His statement read, " if there are any organizations that are ready to extend a helping hand to the oppressed people of Kashmir the United Jihad Council would welcome them with open arms.

However Salahuddin was unable to convince the Taliban to come to Kashmir as the outfit is embroiled in its own problems. Moreover the ISI would also not permit the Taliban to fight in Kashmir.

Terror through the Hizbul Mujahideen:

Salahuddin also controls the powerful Hizbul Mujahideen. The Hizbul which has renewed its efforts to wage a battle in Kashmir has however taken a very different approach to the issue. It has been carrying out attacks but not claiming responsibility for it.

The recent attacks on the telecom sector and the attempts to implement the Sharia styled law were all acts carried out by the Hizbul. However they chose to blame it on non-existent groups. Salahuddin has been waging a battle both militarily and polticially.

He continues to urge Pakistan to play a more dominant role in Kashmir. He recently called upon Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharrif to show consideration towards the people of Kashmir. He also tells Sharrif to stop exchanging notes and saris with Narendra Modi.

Why India needs to have Salahuddin declared a terrorist?

His recent statements at a rally are a clear indicator of what this man is all about. Not only does he invite groups such as the Taliban and al-Qaeda which have been designated as terror groups over to Kashmir, but also seeks to unleash strikes against the Indian army.

He says that Kashmir will disintegrate as a result of Jihad if freedom is not granted. He also called upon the Hurriyat conference to raise their voice. Talks are not the solution. Only an armed struggle is the answer to the problem, he said while quioting Vietnam and Libya.

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