What Narendra Modi said in the launching of 'Make in India' campaign

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New Delhi, Sept 25: Narendra Modi 's pet campaign of 'Make in India' has redefined the concept of financial and industrial investment. Harping on the untapped  resources of India, which remain unexplored because of the complicated processing of forms and mid-level intrusions, Modi said that the main aim of the campaign is to increase the numbers of investors in India, create jobs here so that there is no brain drain. 

"After the Mars mission yesterday, no one can challenge the Indian brain," he said. "So why let them go to foreign lands."  he added.

To the foreign investors, he said,"do not just think India as a market, but also consider whether the people here have the purchasing power. Once that is determined, both India and you could rule the investor sector."

This, not before apologising,"I have noticed that many business leaders haven't been able to get seats. This hall is not used to hosting having so many people in attendance." 

He said,"I was sad to see people were not willing to invest in India. The biggest factor is faith to attract investment. We shouldn't start with distrust but with faith. Who is the Government for? It is for every Indian. It is for the poorest of the poor," he said.

"Make in India, is the step of a Lion. The world is looking at Asia. I do not have to waste time to invite, I need to give the address. I do not only talk about good governance. I talk about effective governance. When we talk of a "Look East" policy, we must also talk about "Link West". There is a new era of economic growth that is in Asia and we have to see how to make it India's. We have to move towards next-gen infrastructure. Not only do we need highways but also i-ways (information ways). This is your country, the happiness of succeeding here and then taking it abroad has its own taste. I want Indian companies to be multi-national ones. But they should make the country stronger."

This is govt dedicated to growth. This is not a political agenda but an article of faith. Whether state or central govt we will proactively take up the role of being a facilitator of exports.

The logo of the campaign, a Lion, indeed describes the Prime Minister's vision of an industrialised, self-reliant and self-sufficient India.

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