What message did Madurai based terror group Base Movement has for the judiciary

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New Delhi, Nov 30: The National Investigation Agency arrested five persons in connection with the blasts at the court complexes that took place over the past year and a half.

The arrests of members from the Base Movement from Madurai on Monday and Tuesday is a major breakthrough the court complex blasts case.


During the course of the investigation, the NIA has found that the members of the Base Movement or the erstwhile al-Ummah had actively been involved in planning or plotting strikes.

The five members had distributed work among each other.

Courts, the target:
The target of the Base Movement were the court complexes.

They were trying to send out a message to the judiciary which they felt has been unfair on several Muslim youth and also Abdul Nasar Madani.

It was clear that their modus operandi was to scare and send a message rather than destroy or kill.

They wanted the judiciary to take note that they were capable of creating havoc.

The first round of the blasts were only intended at sending out a message, investigations have shown.

The NIA says that all the five persons arrested hailed from Madurai and were known to each other for long. One of the accused, Abbas ran a library and he was
deeply influenced by ideology of Al Qaeda having read literature about them.

Similarly, Dawood appears to have been radicalized on the internet, the NIA further stated.

Abbas and Shamsudeen had been earlier trained in bomb making few years back, from some members of notorious Imam Ali gang active in Madurai.

Abbas, in January, 2015 gathered the group of five and administered them oral oath of allegiance under the group that he named as the "Base Movement".

In 2015, they limited their activities to sending letters to various jails and other district authorities citing grievances against the jail administration.

The prime movers of the group were Abbas and Dawood.

While Abbas and Shamsudeen made the bombs, Dawood drafted the electronic propaganda, which were left behind at crime scenes.

Further the posters left behind at crime scene were printed in the printing press owned by accused Karim.

The bombs were placed at the 5 court complexes by Karim and Dawood.

Shamsudeen, a local gangster with cases registered at local police, contributed from his forceful collections from local markets, Abbas managed to collect money on pretext of charity donations from visitors to places of worship.

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