Wearing, distribution of caps allowed for canvassing: EC

Posted By: PTI
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New Delhi, Oct 17: Election Commission on Thursday said wearing as well as distribution of caps, with party names and symbol, and "other such small items" are allowed for the purpose of canvassing.

The EC in its directive mentioned that wearing of caps with party names and symbols by volunteers is allowed, however the cost incurred will be accounted in the expenditure of the party.

Moreover, distribution of caps, sticker, badges, stars, headband and writs bands are also allowed. The political parties, however, are prohibited from distributing or putting up symbols on apparel products like T-shirts, shirts, pants and saris.

The EC clarified that distribution of T-shirts and their wearing may amount to bribery and is prohibited. "There is no objection to assembly or meeting of party workers or volunteers wearing caps or party badges subject to the provision that canvassing is not allowed on the day of the poll within 100 meters of poll premise/station," read the EC letter.

There is also no ban on putting up small stickers on vehicles of the volunteers or owners' after their permission. However, the cost incurred shall be accounted in the expenditure of the party.

The EC said there is also no restriction on putting posters on the backside of auto rickshaws citing a High Court interim order which allows this practice.

As long as the order of the High Court is in operation there are no restriction on putting up posters on the backside of auto rickshaws, the EC said.

However, the publicity charges realised by the owners of auto rickshaws for display shall be borne and shown in the party's expenditure account.

As far as defacement of the private property is concerned, the EC said the Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Properties Act prohibits putting of banners or posters at homes of volunteers and supporters even after owner's permission.


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