Unnao Gold: Seer reveals documents to prove his 'dream'

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Unnao (UP), Oct 22: His words are not to be taken lightly...not at least now when Shobhan Sarkar revealed facts and documents about the buried treasure. But, what is this whole drama over his 'dream'? Let's keep it to "an interpretation of one's deepest desires". Afterall, the seer wanted to see India as the most powerful country in the world.

What Shobhan says

In an interview to Mail Today, the seer unhesitatingly said that the spirit of the Talukdar comes to him and begs him to liberate him from the cycle of birth and death by taking possession of the treasure.

If we rememer, the seer had warned the ASI not to dig the site without the permission of his guru. Interesting it may sound, and a bit suspicious too, but let's not get entangled in that right away.

Seer got dreams of the Talukdars, begging him for salvation by taking the Gold.

The seer said that he is aware of the precious time and money that the government is spending over the site and hence he would not misguide them.

His close aides say that Sarkar very often told them a story about looted gold by freedom fighters, led by Maulvi Liyaqat Ali, from the Allahabad Fort on June 14 1857. Close to the Talukdars, he had kept the custody of the treasure with Nana Sahib Dhondu Pant who was the adopted son of Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao II. When the BRitish started looking for the Gold, it was brought to Daundia Khera and buried somewhere in the Rao Ram Baksh Singh's fort.

"This gold was actually confiscated by the British from small Indian chieftains or collected in the form of lagaan (land tax) from farmers. This was the reason that the rebels during the Mutiny did not mind confiscating it from the fort of Allahabad," the source said. However, he was awarded life imprisonment in 1872 and Rao Ram Baksh Singh was also captured and hung to death.

Another document reveals that Baksh was a Silver and Gold trader and he and his ancestors had huge cachements of Gold buried under the palace. He was trustworthy and hence the revolutionaries were said to encash their Gold to carry forward the movement.

"We don't know whether the gold is still there or not. But it is a fact that most of these documents were available in the ashram of Shobhan when Viraktanand (presently known as Shobhan Sarkar) took diksha from guru Raghunandan Das."

To one's amazement, the documents and the facts have been corroborated by the Assistant director of Nehru Yuva Kendra.

"It is a fact. Documents related to the trial of Baksh Singh confirm that the British army was searching for the looted gold. Ali had looted the treasury of the British on June 14, 1857. There are many other documents which contain these details," he said.

Frustrated with the media hankering, the seer says that he has more documents and findings from his research on Unnao at his guru's ashram.

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