UAE-India diplomacy- ISIS sympathisers of Kerala origin deported

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New delhi, Sept 3: The India-UAE pact to fight terror jointly seems to be paying off. While last week the UAE launched investigations into the properties owned by Dawood Ibrahim and his gang, now two persons looking to join the ISIS have been deported to Kerala.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the UAE a few weeks back it was decided that India would share information on youth who are looking to join the ISIS.


The UAE on its part said that if the information is bonafide, then it would take immediate action and deport such youth to India.

Two from Kerala back home:

It was found by the Indian Intelligence Agencies that two youth from Kochi based in the UAE had taken part in a propaganda campaign to promote the ISIS.

It was found that the two Kochi youth along with 8 others were running a campaign on the social media in a bid to promote the ISIS ideology.

Indian Intelligence agencies had reported the same to the authorities in the UAE after the facebook posts of these youth was flooded with ISIS propaganda material.

The UAE launched its own investigation and when it was found that these youth had in fact propagated for the ISIS and were also looking to join the outfit, they were deported to India.

No cases booked:

On their return to Kochi, they were taken in by the Intelligence Agencies for questioning. After being questioned, the agencies found that they were misguided and decided to let them go home with a warning.

The two youth will now be counseled and a close watch will be kept on them.

The Union Home Ministry is opposed to the idea of booking cases against such youth. They were in the process of committing an offence while trying to join the ISIS, a Home Ministry official informed OneIndia.

We feel that if such youth could be counseled, then it serves the purpose in the long run.

NIA recommendations:

The NIA had recently made a set of recommendations to the Union Home Ministry. The NIA is of the view counseling alone will not suffice and there needs to be some amount of fear and hence minor punishments should be imposed.

The NIA in its recommendations had suggested that minor punishments would act as a deterrent.

The NIA has suggested that Section 153 A of the Indian Penal Code must be slapped in such cases. The section deals with promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc and is punishable with an imprisonment of 3 years.

The NIA has further suggested that arrests should be made under Section 151 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Under this provision an arrest can be made without an order from the Magistrate and also without a warrant if the officer feels that the offence cannot be prevented.

In the West if anyone is found flying to the Middle East, he is immediately red flagged. However, in India the same approach cannot be adopted since there are many frequent flyers to the Middle East.

The NIA feels that the Bureau of Immigration should be roped in to study the flying pattern of such passengers who fly to the Middle East.

Although, it is not recommended that anyone and everyone flying to the Middle East must be red flagged, the NIA suggests that the flying pattern of persons should be studied.

Based on the flying pattern, the Bureau of Immigration can report it in case they find anything suspicious.

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