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New Delhi, Oct 17:The much-talked about fare hike in India's premier trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duranto has finally come into effect. A revised catering charge has increased the fare by about 2 to 4 percent, but not for nothing. The menu has been revised too, which now includes items like Fish Fry in some cases.

The first price hike of 2 percent was brought into effect from October 7 and was linked to the increase in fuel prices. With the revised fare charts in place, the passengers will have to pay the margin enroute.

A second class AC fare from New Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram will now have a revised fare of Rs 4,289, instead of Rs 3,980. Madras Rajdhani, on the other hand, will cost dearer with Rs 3,385, instead of Rs 3,285.

In fact, the catering charges in these premier trains have been revised after 14 years (after 1999).

A passenger will now pay Rs 2,510, instead of Rs 2,435 for AC II ticket in Mumbai Rajdhani. Howrah Rajdhani is likely to witness an increase of approximately Rs 150 in the AC II fare from Rs 2,490 to Rs 2,554.

Bhubaneswar Rajdhani will witness a hike of just Rs 14 enroute-Delhi-Bhubaneswar, but the fare shots on return journey when a passenger will have to pay Rs 87 more than the previous fare. The revised menu will have fish fry in AC-1 and Executive Class and stuffed paratha, channa kulcha and packaged flavoured milk for breakfast in all classes of premier trains. Stuffed Kathi rolls for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians are also on the list. However, chocolates, toffees and fruit juice have been done away with in the new menu.

While the morning and evening tea rates have been reduced by 30-40 percent, breakfast, lunch and dinner rates would increase by 50-60 per cent. Combo meals are a new feature in the menu that have been priced at half the rate of regular lunch and dinner rates.

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