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The ISIS' manual for family members of recruits


New Delhi: Every terrorist organization has an instruction manual but in the case of the ISIS there is a separate one which is to be followed by members of the recruit's family.

The manual which was discovered by the Indian Intelligence agencies while dealing with a recruit who had left for Syria, lists out the rules and regulations for family members of the ISIS recruits.


The manual states that during the radicalization process, family members shall not be informed about the same. Only once the recruit makes up his mind shall the family member be told and preferably after the recruit leaves home.

The ISIS manual for family members:

The ISIS wants to ensure that those who have made up their minds to leave their homeland and join the Caliphate should be successful in attaining their goal. The family members should be kept in the dark until the recruit reaches his or her destination.

Further the manual states that upon being informed, the family member should not report the matter to the police or even try and track the person who has been recruited. Do not discuss the matter with other family members the manual also states.

Further it states that if the family member is unable to deal with the situation, then he or she should meet with a maulana and seek advise. The maulana will convince that the recruit is on the right path, the manual also states. (To add a disclaimer here, in India a majority of the Maulanas have shunned the ISIS way).

The manual also suggests various ways of curbing expenses. Your near and dear ones have joined the ISIS to serve their religion and one should not expect that he has done so to better his finances. Since he is doing the work of God, there are bound to be difficulties back home and hence all steps should be taken to curb expenses, the manual also states.

Online coaching:

Intelligence Bureau officials say that the recruitment over the web happens in multiple stages. While the first phase involves radicalization, the second deals with the rules and regulations for the recruits. The third phase would involve logistic details instructing the recruit how and when to reach the ISIS home ground.

During this process, the recruits are also told on how to deal with their family members after they have left their homes. The ISIS does give the option for the recruit to take along with him his family, but in cases where the recruits does not do so there are other instructions or guidelines to be followed. All this is informed to the recruit during the recruitment process.

What the agencies have found is that there are a set of instructions given during the online recruitment phase. The ISIS is very particular that a recruit shall inform his family members only after he or she has reached the destination. This is because in nine out of ten cases when a family member is informed prior to the recruit reaching the destination an attempt is made to bring the person back.

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