Terror threat to Rajasthan ministers over email: IB, CIA had issued similar warning

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New Delhi, Dec 27: Just a couple of days after the Intelligence Bureau of India and the CIA had issued a terror warning, 16 Rajasthan ministers have got an email threatening a terror attack on January 26.

The agencies and the local police have begun probing into the matter to ascertain the trail of the email. The email sent to the ministers in Rajasthan warns that a terror strike will be carried out on January 26th-Republic day.

Terror threat to Raj ministers

Strange similarity:

The email sent to them and the warning that the intelligence bureau had put out are similar in nature. The IB and the CIA had recently warned that Americans touring Rajasthan need to be on the look out owing to terror groups trying to target them.

Moreover on January 26, President of the United States, Barack Obama would be in India and there is a desperate bid being made to carry out an attack on that in a bid to embarrass the Indian administration both the IB and CIA had warned.

Email trail:

The email trail is being probed. The Rajasthan government has confirmed that such a threat has been received by 16 of their ministers. It is yet to be seen if this mail originated from a terror group or was it an act of mischief.

Sources in the Intelligence Bureau say that it cannot be taken lightly and the police need to get to the bottom of the matter. Rajasthan is a tourist destination and at any given time there are hosts of foreign tourists over there. It is a hot target for terrorists aiming to get international attention, the IB says.

Rajasthan on the radar:

The major blast that Rajasthan has witnessed was the one at Jaipur carried out by the Indian Mujahideen. This blast ripped across the crowded market area claiming scores of lives.

The next time a major alert was issued was prior to the arrest of Tehsin Akthar and his accomplices. They were arrested after it was found that they were scouting for targets including the Palace on Wheels in a bid to carry out a series of attacks.

The other link which was found when the ISIS sponsored Ansar-ul-Tawhid was found recruiting youth from Rajasthan. This was a major link for the investigators as it was the Indian origin operative Sultan Armar who was carrying out these recruitments.

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