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Success Story Of Mani Krishna

By Staff

Childhood is all about playing with friends, eating chocolates and being pampered by elders in the family. These are the things that every 9-year-old kid gets to enjoy. But what if these very things become a distant dream to some? Here is a story of a lively 9-year-old boy, Mani Krishna, whose childhood was getting lost in the white walls of the hospital. When his parents could not procure the cost of the treatment, the crowdfunding platform of Oneindia helped raise money for them and save their only son's life.

The family of Mani Krishna got the shock of their lives when their only son, the only source of livelihood in their old age, was diagnosed with Leukemia, in simple terms, blood cancer.

Success Story Of Mani Krishna

Mani Krishna was a lively young 9-year-old lad who was the apple of his parent's eyes. He suddenly began coughing and complaining about stomach ache for 3 straight days. But his parents realised the seriousness of his illness when he found it difficult to breathe the third day.

They immediately rushed him to the hospital, where the doctors informed that his lungs were filled with fluid. An astounding four litres of water was removed from his lungs and sent for testing. He was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Like all types of cancers, Leukemia too needed costly chemotherapy sessions that would cost 15 lakhs, which was very extremely difficult for the family to procure by all means.

Mani Krishna's father, Jella Ravi Kumar works as a ground staff at an airport. His mother, on the other hand, makes a small living by selling sarees. Their household income per month amounts to Rs 20,000/- Where would they find the money for their son's treatment? They soon felt their lives crashing before their very eyes.

The hunt for collecting funds started from family members loaning whatever they could to them. Though they did all they could, it just wasn't enough for Mani Krishna's treatments. When their pockets ran dry, one of the family members suggested getting help through online fundraising like Oneindia.

Seeing their only son lying on the hospital bed with no hopes of future would break anyone in the world. But the idea of crowdfunding gave them a ray of hope.

At first, Jella Krishna could not believe the idea of people contributing to the treatment of his son. This idea was nothing sort of a Miracle for his wife and him. They immediately got in touch with Oneindia.

Looking at the condition of the young lad, Oneindia immediately agreed to end the misery of his family members. It was now our dream to see Mani Krishna get back his smiling childhood. A fundraiser was immediately started for him, which saw thousands of people pouring in their support in the form of donations.

With the timely help of all the readers of Oneindia, Mani Krishna soon started receiving funds from all corners of the country. On 2nd August, he received his 8th chemo injection and while there are many more to come, his parents need not worry about the finances due to Oneindia.

Though Mani Krishna may still not be able to take part in the cricket match as promised to his friend, there is definitely hope that one day he will hit the winning Six, all the way to good health.

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