'Smart Swachh Malleshwaram' campaign launched in Bengaluru

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Bengaluru, Oct 2: The journey of 'Smart, Swachh Malleshwaram' started in 2008 under the leadership of Dr CN Ashwathnarayan (MLA) to make this locality, a model for the rest of Bengaluru, Karnataka and India.

Smart Swachh Malleshwaram associated it with "Swachh Bharat" Campaign, initiated by PM Narendra Modi on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti last year at Rajghat, New Delhi.


To carry this initiative forward, Kannada film actor Yash, India cricketers KL Rahul and Varun Aaron, campaigner Temsutula Imsong and MLA Dr CN Ashwathnarayana along with many corporators joined hand together to make Malleshwaram a model locality for Bengaluru.

Along with them, Resident Welfare Associations (RWA), private as well as public institutions, school children and NGOs came forward to make this event, a success.

In addition to Swachh Bharat, Malleshwaram today supported Prime Minister's pet project Digital India by launching an Android application which will improve effectiveness of BBMP waste management process.

BBMP plans to 'maximize recovery from waste and minimize waste sent to landfills'. A call center for managing citizens' complaints has also been planned.

Remembering the glorious past of the area, Rekha - who has been living in Malleshwaram since 1975 - told OneIndia, "Earlier there were temples, single storied buildings which are now being converted into multi-storied building. People were academic oriented, disciplined at those times as compared to nowadays."


Disappointedly, she added, "Well, we have no other place to go because we a have house here, we can't even move out of this place. My family is here, in-laws are here, so we are trying our best out of what it is today. Everyone wants to keep their neighborhood clean. Back then, there was more greenery, it can't recover its past glory but we can make it better by this effort."

She also said, "Earlier the condition of roads was better, now all footpaths are encroached by shopkeepers and we can't even walk. Now people don't want to walk because street are not good if you walk you can fall and injure yourself."

Meet the man behind Smart Swachh Malleshwaram

Dr CN Ashwathnarayan told OneIndia, "For this campaign it needs lot of sustainable campaign lot of participation over the time of the year. Each one of us will have to give their time and full dedication for this responsibility."

We have a long way to go, for making this initative a success many NGOs and BBMP people have come forward. We are not burden for our mother earth and we will definitely handle this waste management process through a scientific way.

The cursader of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Hailing from Nagaland, Temsutula Imsong, quit her job to take up a cause to clean Ganga Ghat in Varanashi and received appreciation for her work, by PM Modi.

In an exclusive interview with OneIndia, Temsutula said, "PM tweeted on 1st April congratulating the whole team, which was named under Mission Prabhu Ghat. We were working under that hastag, we became more energetic to work for bigger responsibility and I have amazing volunteers who are mostly in their 20s."


She further added, "We are trying to renovate that kund which is called 'Sonbhatra kund' which was on the verge of destroying. So now it is almost clean but for maintenance we wanted to construct better surrounding so that people should stop throwing garbage. In Prabhu Ghat, Pandey Ghat (Varnasi)and Gauri kund which is in (Kedarnath), we are taking initiative to maintain them."

Talking about Smart Swachh Malleshwaram, she said, "In Malleswaram, Dr CN Ashwathnarayan did an amazing job last year. Now, from today onwards he will be looking forward to this. He will connect with the people through the Android App (Whatsapp 9480685700) and call center. "

"So I think, Malleshwarm will became one of the best examples not only in Karnataka but I wish them that this initiative serves as a role model for the entire country".


After the event all those present took an oath that they would make Bengaluru the clean city Not Garbage city.


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