SI Jagadish murder probe gives details on major crime syndicate

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Bengaluru, Oct 26: The investigation being conducted into the murder of Sub-Inspector S Jagadish has revealed several details about the modus operandi of the gang members involved in the incident.

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The police had arrested the father-son duo of Harish Babu and Madhu in connection with the murder of
Doddaballapura Town sub inspector S Jagadish.

SI murder case: Probe gives details

The entire gang ran a major inter-state racket in Karantaka and Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. In Karnataka, they were headquartered in Davanagere, the police had learnt. They also told the police that they were not remorseful of the murder and added that had they not killed the SI, they would have been killed.

Gang run by a woman:
The police were told by Babu and Madhu that the entire operation was being run by a lady called Thimakka who was based out of Davanagere. She had a house of her own and was the paramour of Harish Babu. She is said to have another paramour in Nellore, the police have also learnt.

Further the police learnt that the gang would collect the booty that they would loot from various parts of the state and take it to Davanagere. From there, Thimakka would make arrangements to send the same to Nellore following which it would be disposed off. The entire gang had family members operating in it, the police have also learnt.

The police were also told that the gang had several hideouts and normally would stay in lodges. They would visit a place, book a lodge and stay there until their operation was complete. The only house that was permanent was the one in Davanagere from where the gang boss, Thimakka would operate the father- son duo also told the cops.

Drug abuse and fear:
The alleged killers of the SI have said that they were under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident. We decided to shoot the SI as we feared that we would be killed. It was a spur of the moment action and we have no remorse about it, the police were told by the duo.

After killing the Sub Inspector a few days back, the father-son duo contacted a friend of theirs' at Kurnool. They were in regular touch with the man at Kurnool. The duo who were in Nagpur made at least 87 calls to their friend and sought his help. The police however kept a tab on all the calls that were made.

When the duo were convinced that the money would be arranged for and they could stay safely in Kurnool, they decided to board a train. By then a team of the Bengaluru police had already reached there and nabbed both of them.

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