SHOCKING: 'Where was she bleeding from,' Bihar MLA asks girl on friend's rape, murder

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A Rashtriya Lok Samta Party MLA, Lalan Paswan, was caught on camera asking insensitive and outright objectionable questions to a minor girl whose friend is suspected to have been raped and murdered. The MLA's 'care' seemed more like an assault on sensitivity as the minor girl struggled to answer his uncomfortable questions.

Rashtriya Lok Samta Party MLA Lalan Paswan

"Where was she bleeding from? Was she bleeding from the lower part of her body? Did it look like she was gang raped given the amount of blood?" These were just some of the questions that Lalan Paswan asked a minor already disturbed by the trauma of losing a friend.

The MLA from Hajipur was unapologetic about his questions as well as the discomfort he caused to the minor girl. "How can you say something happened to her? You are an educated girl, you should tell me clearly what you know What if this happens to you tomorrow," he asked the girl.

Even in the face of severe criticism, the MLA refused to apologise for his conduct. He instead defended his questions as relevant.

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