Saudi diplomat rape case: Probe may be transferred to Delhi police

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New Delhi, Sept 14: The Saudi diplomat rape case may be transferred to the Delhi police.

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The government is unhappy about the manner in which the Gurgaon police have handled the case and feel that since it involved a diplomat, prior permission from the government ought to have been sought before an FIR was lodged.

Saudi rape case: Delhi police to probe?

Two women from Nepal had alleged last week that they were sexually assaulted by a Saudi diplomat his residence in Gurgaon.

Sources tell OneIndia that the case is not being hushed up, but it needs to be dealt in a better way. The Gurgaon police on being asked why prior permission was not sought before they entered the diplomat's house said that they were unaware of the person in question.

Will provide a resolution soon:
Government sources say that they will provide a resolution to the issue. It is being looked at in the highest level. There is a sensitivity involved in the case and both India and Saudi Arabia do not want strained relations over this case. Officials of both countries would meet and discuss ways of resolving the case, but justice will be done, the source also informed.

The government on the other hand is upset with the manner in which the Gurgaon police handled the case. First they entered the house of a diplomat without seeking consent from the government. Secondly they shared too much information with the media which has also not gone down too well with the government.

The police cannot claim that they were unaware of who the person in question was. It is their duty to ascertain facts before they probe any case, the official said. Moreover the police did not do much to stop information from being leaked to the media and gory details were put out, the official further informed.

Evidence to be shared with Saudi:

The government has decided that the probe would continue in the case. According to the medical report, the two women were sexually assaulted. In addition to this the two women too have testified to the incident and this is strong evidence.

Saudi on the other hand has however denied the incident and have blamed the Gurgaon police for arbitrary action. However they have sought for evidence from India and assured to look into the incident.

Saudi will have to look into this episode and also punish the diplomat if found guilty. The diplomatic immunity that the diplomat has would mean that he cannot be tried or prosecuted under Indian laws.


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