Saradha scam- How TMC plans to checkmate the CBI

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Many term the Saradha scam as the TMC's Waterloo. However the party which has been beaten down to a great extent after the arrest of several of its leaders is in no mood to give up.

A petition before the Supreme Court to monitor the Central Bureau of Investigation alleging that the BJP is running the probe will be filed. However the petition is TMC sponsored and will not be filed by any of its members. The TMC proposes to rope in an investor who was cheated by Saradha to file this petition and seek a fair probe.

How TMC plans to checkmate the CBI

What the petition would state?

The TMC is clearly upset with the manner in which the probe into the scam is being carried out. Within TMC circles the talk is that the CBI is only targeting their party people and not focusing on the persons who were running the Saradha group.

It has become a political vendetta against us a party leader informed Oneindia. We will approach the Supreme Court and seek a directive so that the CBI can be monitored. It is surprising how the probe is being carried out exactly in the manner in which the BJP has been issuing statements.

TMC will not be involved

For now none of the TMC leaders will be part of the petition. The petition will be filed by an investor duped by Saradha. In his petition he would seek a directive to probe the Saradha group directly and also ask for his money to be returned.

The TMC hopes that the probe will be diverted if there is a Supreme Court directive and the focus would be less on their leaders. Moreover the petitioner in this case would also speak about the witch hunting by the CBI against some leaders in West Bengal.

The question that would be asked is how is the CBI questioning and arresting particular leaders just a day after a BJP leader makes a statement to this effect. This is nothing but a BJP guided probe the petition would also allege.

Mamata has given her approval

The filing of such a petition has the approval of Mamata Banerjee. Initially she felt that the government should file such a petition. However this was rejected outright and she was told that it would have a disastrous effect.

It was then decided that the petition would be moved by an investor. Once the petition is filed and notice issued, the Supreme Court would direct the state government to file its statement of objections.

This is when the government would come into the picture. In the statement of objections, the state would be able to make a flurry of complaints to the Supreme Court about the functioning of the CBI.

Caged parrot

The TMC says that the CBI has been acting like a caged parrot. This time it is at the behest of the BJP. The TMC feels that the petitioner must complain against the BJP to the Supreme Court and speak about how the ruling party at the centre is controlling this probe.

The Supreme Court had last year during a hearing termed the CBI as a paged parrot. The CBI was pulled up for not speaking its own language and following the directive of the government in power.

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