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Rohit Zinjurke becomes BlueChip Gaming Brand's Ambassador

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Its about being your real self: Rohit Zinjurke

A responsible attitude to the entertainment branch should be popularized instead of a usual chase for extreme success - here's one of the key points of BlueChip company's philosophy. As a new face of BlueChip, Rohit will keep building up the community and spreading the idea of the platform's entertainment purposes. What can be sweeter than enjoying your pastime in good company - no matter in real life or online?

BlueChip is a fresh ambitious brand providing an online platform featuring high-quality sports broadcasts and hi-tech entertainment. Successful combos are in the brand's essence:
well-known providers & fresh tech solutions, diversity and stability, thrill and safeness. It is another match between BlueChip and the Indian idol - Rohit Zinjurke.

Rohit Zinjurke is a TikTok blogger, also known for his YouTube and Instagram pages, and as the main character of the popular song video Goli Maar De by Asees Kaur. The crush of millions, he sparked on the social media horizon with his vlogs, lipsing, music videos, dancing, and fashion photos.

BlueChip and Rohit Zinjurke have penned a deal that will see them work together to create unique and exciting content for the website users and feature the latter's popularity with fans to drive engagement. And it's curious to see what new activities can be born from this cooperation.

"To begin with, all my activities are about real life and real emotions. I'm always trying to be honest with my audience and show them life as is but in the most entertaining way. BlueChip does the same. So we've literally found each other in the matter of values. We are looking in the same way, where it's all about joy and passion, and being your real self, taking your most from life. No matter who you are and where you are from, you can feel more, experience more, and fill your time with real emotions!"
- said Rohit about the new opportunity of working with the youngblood brand.

One more thing connecting Rohit and BlueChip is their striving to contact real people, creating a community with no usual stereotypes. They do not promote "ultimate success" as the primary purpose. Their main idea is to be right in the moment and feel free to have fun.

Unlike most entertainment branch brands that use their ambassadors as the picture of fame and fortune or the idealistic role model of the platform's customer, BlueChip, with this cooperation, states: we are for everyone who wants to enjoy the game. Promoting a responsible and healthy attitude to the thrill, they break an old myth about a way to get a one-shot fortune to solve all the problems at once. You don't have to be a billionaire to join the closed VIP community. You can enjoy the thing among like-minded folks and catch your chance - as the pastime option.

"We're all about the people that play and have fun at BlueChip. On the one hand, we create a convenient platform with multiple handy options and perks to make it accessible and easy to play without obstacles, delays, or limitations. On the other hand, it's our community that makes us. All feedback, wishes, needs, and hopes drive us to improve our product and become even better.

We appreciate Rohit for our cooperation. He is natural and sincere, so he is perfect for communicating our values to our customers. We don't want to show off or paint an unrealistic picture of the King's Ransom. But together, we can create a healthy community, and glue can be the main thought of the game as fun, as the spice for one's time, as the way to get more. So you can expect more activities, more content, and fresh ideas to find out: the branch can be unique and out-of-the-box, meaning
out of the stereotypes you may be used to," - says the BlueChip team.

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