Revealed! Al Qaeda plans to play its terror trump in India

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Al Qaeda
New Delhi, Nov 8: The NIA and the intelligence agencies in India have found evidences of a possible merger between the Al Qaeda and the Indian Mujahideen. Deciphering the code encrypted conversations between Indian Mujahideen founder Riyaz Bhatkal and his top lieutenants, the agencies have deciphered that the Al Qaeda has created a new cell in the Uttar Pradesh.

However, any concrete proof regarding the same is yet to be found. Agencies are also bothered about the fact that Riyaz Bhatkal is hiding in Pakistan and is keen on merging the IM and the Al Qaeda. One of Riyaz's lieutenants Yasin Bhatkal was arrested last year at Nepal border. In September, Qaeda had announced a branch for the subcontinent, vowing to attack India and other countries in the South Asia. Indian intelligence officials now believe that Bhatkal's men are being trained by Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Waiting to play its trump card in India

With an aim to corner India, the Al Qaeda has asked the Indian Mujahideen to abduct Israelis from India and bring them to Afghanistan where they could be kept as hostages. In turn, the Al Qaeda agreed to train IM cadres.

Senior intelligence officers rue,"This confirms our worst fears. It means now you can have a terror strike in India as revenge for something in USA or Syria."

One such evidence are the Bodh Gaya blasts in Bihar. The IM said that it had carried out the blasts as a revenge for alleged atrocities by Buddhists in Myanmar against Rohingya Muslims.

ISI's gradual exit

The relation between ISI and Indian Mujahideen has soured ever since the latter joined hands with the Al Qaeda. In fact, in the decrypted conversation, Riyaz called the ISI "dogs". Experts now believe that the MUjahideen now sends one member every month by rotation to train with the Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

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