Reddy-BJP combo on the anvil

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Bengaluru, Jan 21: The BJP is aiming to regain lost ground in Ballari to the Congress and for them the answer may lie in Janardhan Reddy. The former minister in the Karnataka government, Reddy who was granted bail by the Supreme Court entitling him to come out of jail will now enroll as a BJP member after his membership had expired.

Going slow:

A Karnataka BJP leader however made it clear that the pros and cons would be weighed before they could take any such decision. We do not want to jump the gun and give him an important position as of now.

Janardhan Reddy

First talks will be held and then depending on the terms and condition will we move forward the leader also said. Reddy becomes important to the BJP since he is close to Ballari strongman Sriramulu and together they can work towards strengthening the party in the region.

Legal hurdles:

However, there are a couple of legal hurdles that Reddy would have to clear before he can re-start his political career. At the moment, as per the bail conditions laid down by the Supreme Court he is not allowed to enter Ballari.

However, his legal team is confident that in the months to come the cases against him will be over and they are hopeful of an acquittal. Reddy has also been told to cooperate with the investigators.

Best counter for the Congress:

Not many years back, Ballari was one of the strongest bastion for the BJP. However, after the mining scam broke out, the BJP has been in disarray in this region.

Sriramulu, one of the strongest leaders in the Ballari region quit the BJP and floated a new party. However, he returned to the party last year and the manner in which he has won the elections went on to show that his victory is certain despite any party he belongs to.

The BJP is hopeful that the combination of the Reddys and Sriramilu will be the perfect counter for the Congress which has shown signs of improvement in Ballari.

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